10 Of The Best Bollywood Bridal Entry Songs

Your entrance music is perhaps one of the most confusing decisions to make. Do you go traditional? Instrumental? English? Should you have a live band or go with a song played by the DJ? Oh the choices! Typically most our brides will go with a Bollywood song or piece of music just because it’s something they can relate to (we’ll often give them a nod of approval before they make their final decision as we like to think of ourselves as musical experts – although how true this is or not, you’ll have to keep reading to find out).

There are so many different songs you can choose to make your grand entry, but here are a few of our Bollywood favourites – not in any particular order:

1. Mangalayam – Saathiya

This entire album makes for great listening, but this song in particular is so soothing and filled with traditional beats for those brides looking for an in between. K.K, Shaan, Kunal and Sreenivas work their magic all over this one.


2. Raabta (Female)– Agent Vinod

Ok, this song is a personal favourite. The words are beautiful, the music is beautiful and the vocals are beautiful, but what more would you expect from Shreya Ghoshal? Arijit sing also makes an appearance on some versions. This is perfect for someone who wants a modern yet meaningful song.


3. Tujh Mein Rab Dikhta Hai (Female) – Rab Ne Banadi Jodi

When you watch this video you’re probably going to think oh my god – Anushka Sharma! She looks so fresh faced doesn’t she?! And don’t even get us started on Shah Rukh Khan, but that aside this song is perfect for those over the top romantic types – a little on the slower side, but then no one wants to see a bride galloping down the aisle.


4. Aaye Ho Meri Zindagi Mein (Female) – Raja Hindustani

This track is what we call old school Bollywood. Alka Yagnik was the reigning queen back in the day and this song proves exactly why. The depiction of this track is actually during a wedding scene so you already know it’s going to be perfect for your walk in. It’s probably been played at plenty of other weddings before, but if you like to stick with something safe, then why not?


5. Paalki Mein Hoke Sawar – Khal Nayak

Ok, this is actually even further back an era. There were so many things that kept this film in the limelight from the songs, to the story to the alleged romance between Madhuri Dixit and Sanjay Dutt (but that’s a whole other story). This is quite upbeat yet a little quirky and ideal for any bride who’s totally into her Bollywood music and happens to be a fan of Mrs Dixit (Nene).


6. Te Amo (Female) – Dum Maaro Dum

Let’s bring it back to the modern with the vocals of Sunidhi Chauhan. This track is all about love but has a nice, soft tune that is the perfect pace for walking down the aisle. Sure, it’s got a bit of Spanish thrown in, but that’s exactly why it’s perfect for the modern-day bride.


7. Jashn-e-Bahaara (Instrumental) – Jodhaa Akbar

Hand on heart, if we had a choice we’d opt for this every time. It’s so classy and easy on the ears, yet traditional and meaningful at the same time (thanks to the tune being so recognisable). If you are looking to have a silent wedding then this Jodhaa Akbar tune is perfect for you as it will get everyone into the right mind frame from the moment you enter.


8. Samjhawan Unplugged – Humpty Sharma Ki Dulhania

Can you believe this has been sung by Alia Bhatt?! We honestly can’t! It sounded great in the film and it sounds even better now. This is for those of you who are so well and truly in love and have no qualms about showing your emotions to the world. Is that too much? Sorry. But honestly, if you’re lucky enough to have found your Humpty then get lost in the sweetness of this track.


9. Teri Ore – Singh Is King

Well here’s a track that needs no introduction. It was all the rave when it first released and has probably been chosen for enough entrances and first dance songs to last a lifetime, so we couldn’t not have it on our list. That doesn’t mean you should or shouldn’t go for it – all you need is a track that means something to you.


10. Ishq Sufiyana (Female)– The Dirty Picture

We weren’t initially sure about adding this on to our list but then that beautiful voice of Sunidhi Chauhan won us over once again. If you want to go for it then make sure you use the female version. It sounds a little similar to Te Amo in the sense that it’s soft and slow – but sounds a little more traditional Bollywood if you get our drift? Perfect for any Sunidhi fans out there….

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