5 Reasons Why Every Bride Needs To Say Thanks To Her Dad

father bride speechIt’s Father’s Day, which means it’s the perfect time to thank your dad for everything that he does. Whether it’s cheering you on during sports day and graduation, lavishing you with gifts on your birthday and Christmas, or holding your hand on your first day of school or as you walk down the aisle, our dads are our heroes and we need them more than ever when we decide to tie the knot.

You may be marrying the man of your dreams, but your dad is the one man who has had your back from the moment you were born, and will be standing by your side forever. Here are 5 things he’ll be doing for you during your wedding celebrations, which you’ll forever be thankful for.

1. Footing the bill
While many couples are now looking to split the cost of their big day 50-50 and paying for this out of their own savings, for brides who need a helping hand, there will always be the bank of dad. While you may have dreamed about your big day from the moment you were a child, your dad will have probably started saving from the moment before you were born. Every father wants his daughter to have the best for her big day so say thanks for letting you dream big.

2. The speech
During any wedding reception there will traditionally be a speech from the best man and maybe the bridesmaids, but more often than not the father of the bride will also say a few words. It’s not easy getting up in front of a few hundred people to talk about your little girl and be warned, things may get a little tearful. But no matter how nervous, emotional or sensitive your dad may be feeling, he’ll take that mic and bid you farewell in true style.

3. Walk you down the aisle
You’ve held his hand and tagged on to his arm so many times you’ve probably lost count, but your wedding day (civil in particular, as many brides will traditionally choose their maternal uncles or brothers for the Indian ceremony) is the one time it counts the most. Your dad has taught you to stand tall and proud so do exactly this and show him the amazing women he’s enabled you to become.

4. Give your husband ‘the talk’
If you don’t have any older brothers, or even if you do, your dad will forever be keeping your other half on his toes to ensure he treats you with as much respect as you deserve. He’ll always lend a friendly ear and listen to any of your outrageous suggestions or demands without being judgmental. He’s your rock.

5. True love
Every bride wants to feel loved and pampered and if there’s one person who loves you without expecting anything in return, it’s your dad. When your aunties are trying to take over wedding planning or you and your mum are having a small tiff, he is always going to be Team YOU. So, if you don’t say ‘I love you’ enough then make sure today is the day you do.

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