5 Wedding Trends That Are On Their Way Out

latest wedding trendsIt’s strange how things can be so popular one minute and then past their sell-by date the next, don’t you think? The wedding industry is one of those environments where things are constantly changing and evolving, however, we find more often than not, that it can be quite easy for couples to get stuck in some sort of time warp – struggling to move on. There are two main reasons for this; i) When they attend other people’s weddings they are looking at items that were on trend two years ago (because most people tend to start planning a year in advance) and ii) Even though we hate the idea of this more so than anything, some suppliers will persuade couples to go with older items they already have in stock because it’s an easier sell.

Don’t worry, if you’ve got yourself a wedding planner then you won’t be falling victim to either of these, but if you haven’t, then you have our very own Carriages style bible to help you out. Here are five things you may want to steer away from on your wedding day:

1. Chair Covers
These were all the rage a decade or two ago weren’t they? You could never go to a function without seeing the typical pull on chair covers with sashes. This is one trend that is already out which people are moving away from. It’s much nicer to go with a set of open chairs that really enhance your décor and venue. Think Chiavari, Versailles, Folding, Ghost and so on…

2. Mirrors
Ok generally from a design point of view mirrors are great, because they create an illusion of space and there are many, many great ways to incorporate these into your wedding (which we will discuss in a later post). But, what we’re not such big fans of are mirrors on your guests’ tables underneath the centerpieces. Unless it goes with an already existing theme it looks outdated and is an unnecessary expense, not to mention that it makes your table look cluttered.

3. Chocolate Fountains 
Do you remember being a kid and seeing giant chocolate fountains with a whole assortment of calorific treats to dip into nearby? Well if you think back to being a kid, and you’re getting married anytime within the next two years, then you’ll realise just how old this trend is. Not to mention that you run the risk of kids and adults alike dripping chocolate over the floor and tables, basically creating an unsightly mess. Dessert bars are totally on trend but think doughnut bars, cheese and wine counters or gelato carts instead.

4. Photo Booths
Whether your guests are clicking away on their phones or you’ve kept a cute little Polaroid for them to use as part of your guestbook, everyone loves taking pictures at a wedding. We’re not averse to all photobooths – oh no – we’re saying if you’re going to have one, then make it super special. Gone are the days where guests are left impressed with a plastic pod placed at the side of the room. Instead, think backdrops, frames and some 3D life size props that will really make for a talking point.

5. Over Use of Logos
It’s a given that most couples want some sort of logo to represent them throughout their wedding festivities. There’s nothing wrong with this and we happen to provide some great graphic designs through our very own sister stationery company, however, what you don’t need at your wedding reception is complete overkill. For example, a logo on the back of your invite or on your menu cards is fine, but if it’s on your napkins, your dance floor and any screens and favour boxes too then it may start to lose it’s charm. Remember, less is always more and a little bit of subtlety goes a long way.

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