6 Wedding Stationery Items You Must Have At Your Reception

You’ve spent hours agonising over the décor, the food and the seating plan (unless you have a wedding planner in which case they will have done all the planning for you), but don’t put all that planning to jeopardy by overlooking the final details.

In our experience great stationery is the key to achieving an impressive look for your special day, because it will help tie in all the finer aspects of your event. Here are 6 things we recommend you DO NOT skip over.

1. Seating plan

wedding stationery
Having a seating plan is becoming more common. Numbers are getting smaller which means attention to detail is key. If you will be seating your guests on specific tables (highly recommended to avoid chaos) then you need to have a clear chart or list visible. We always suggest going with a professional stationery supplier so that everything is in keeping with your chosen theme. There’s nothing worse than an awful DIY job that looks unfinished.

2. Place cards

wedding stationery
If you’re having a seating plan, then you’ll most likely want to have some place cards for your guest because a) it makes them feel special and b) it just adds a little something to the table décor. Again, these are best professionally printed – please try and avoid handwriting these yourself unless you have amazing calligraphy skills.

3. Table numbers / names wedding stationeryYou can choose to go for table numbers or table names depending on your theme (if you have one). If you can come up with creative names to add an element of fun to the afternoon or evening, then by all means go for it. If you’re struggling to think of anything then numbers will suffice. Again, you will want these to look striking so that your guests notice them as soon as they walk in the room. While your venue may have standard numbers which you can put out, wouldn’t it be nice to wow your guests and have something different?

4. Favours
wedding stationery

Couples often find this to be one of the trickiest parts of wedding planning. What can you give your guests that they will appreciate? While most people tend to go with some kind of food-related item; chocolates, sweets, macarons, make sure you opt for something which is personal to you. For more ideas read our post on Alternative Wedding Favour Ideas.

5. Menu cards
wedding menu cards
One of the first things people look at when they sit down at their table is the menu card. This can either be placed as an individual card per plate or propped in the centre of the table for all your guests to share. Couples will often insert details about the order of the event so people know what to expect and when to expect it, which works quite nicely as guests can make sure they don’t miss any important moments. While your caterer may often take care of this, it’s always worth forking out a few extra pounds and ensuring it matches the rest of your stationery.

6. Signage
wedding stationery items

Whether you’ve got some personalised cocktails at the bar or some scrumptious cakes at the dessert station you’re going to want to let people know. The way to do this is to get some personalised signs designed. They won’t cost you an arm and a leg but you’ll be surprised at how much they’ll impress your guests. Signage is key! Remember this.

Our friends at RickyDicky do some great stationery. Check out their work here.

Images: RickyDicky

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