7 Reasons Why You Should Reduce Your Wedding Guest List

wedding guest listIf you’re in phase one of your wedding planning journey, you’ll probably be at the stage where you’re compiling your guest list and possibly feeling obligated to have a lavish affair just because everyone else says so, even if it’s not what you truly want. But, before you type that 400th person onto your spreadsheet (who you barely even know), here are our top 7 reasons on why you should opt for a smaller celebration.

The Venue
When it comes to searching for your dream venue, it can be difficult to find the perfect space for a higher capacity. More often than not, you’ll have to settle for a marquee on site an estate with many restrictions, or you’ll opt for a standard banqueting hall. Cutting your wedding guest numbers will open up the options available to you. Whether you’re looking for a country estate or quirky hidden city gem, fewer numbers mean that you’ll not only be able to utilise the venue space fully, but you’ll also be able to make your day stand out from the rest.

The Budget
Most couples often underestimate the cost of a wedding, especially when they have numbers exceeding the 300-mark. After the venue, your biggest spend will be the catering and service staff, and this is were corners should never be cut. Hosting a wedding with a smaller guest list will mean your overall costs will decrease, meaning you can still have the best suppliers and the wedding of your dreams, whilst keeping some money aside for other important expenses such as that five star honeymoon or buying your first place together as man and wife.

The Destination Dream
If you’ve always dreamt of having a destination wedding, a smaller guest list will allow you to make this a reality. Your closest family and friends will be more than happy to fly out to a different location for your nuptial meaning you can walk down the aisle whether it be in the scenic valley’s of Italy or a regal palace in Rajasthan. The world will be your oyster.

Quality Over Quantity
With smaller numbers you will be able to make your budget go further by focusing on quality over quantity. Often couples with bigger guest lists will compromise on the quality of their special day to get the cheapest deal. While all great suppliers may be able to negotiate on price, if the cost sounds too good to be true, this should flash warning sign for you. As mentioned above you’ll be able to save money with a smaller guest list and therefore be able to improve the quality of every element of your wedding.

The Silent Ceremony
If you have your heart set on a silent wedding ceremony then having a smaller guest list will guarantee this. Your priest will not have to make any announcements to guests to remain silent, as this will happen natural and your guests will actually enjoy the ceremony, as they will not feel forced to behave a certain.

An Intimate Celebration
An intimate ceremony and reception means you’ll be able to celebrate your special day with the ones that you truly care for and with those guests who actually want to share the memories with you. It also means you will be saved from making forced small talk with distant relatives or those you have never even met before. For tips on ways to cut down your wedding guest list click here.

Focus On Details That Matter
When it comes to planning a big fat Indian wedding, it can be easy to lose sight of what the day is essentially about and you can get caught up on the details that do not matter. Cutting down your guest list will allow you to relax and focus on the true sentiment of the day making it completely personal.

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