7 Reasons Why Your Venue Coordinator Is NOT Your Wedding Planner

wedding venue coordinatorHow many of you have gone into wedding planning thinking that you no longer need a wedding planner because you have a venue coordinator? We’re pretty sure quite a few of you to say the least.

No matter what a wedding venue tells you, a venue coordinator is not the same as a wedding planner – unless you are told specifically that the coordinator will handle external wedding planning duties (which our team will do at any venue managed by Carriages). If you’re not sure what the difference is, then here are seven reasons that will prove our point.

1. Team Bride Vs Team Venue
Venue Coordinator – Is on the side of your venue. His or her number one priority is to make sure that everything is going according to the venue rule book and that the management are happy.

Wedding Planner – Is on your side. His or her number one priority is to make sure the bride and the groom are happy and they will have your back no matter what, even if it means having a word with other suppliers on your behalf.

2. Contact With Suppliers
Venue Coordinator – Will not have liaised with all of your suppliers prior to the big day aside from your décor company or caterer perhaps.

Wedding Planner – Will have contacted all of your suppliers at least once prior to the event including your hair and make up artist, photographer, DJ and so on reminding them about what is happening on the day and what they are required to do.

3. Guaranteed Attendance
Venue Coordinator – May not actually be present on your wedding day. Yes, there will be someone from the hotel or venue on site, but it may not be the person who you booked with, and that is because there is often a high staff turnover ratio in the events and sales industry.

Wedding Planner – Has been hired specifically to take charge of your wedding and so he or she will most certainly be there on the day and will know the details of your day inside out, having been by your side and helped you make most of the decisions from the start.

4. Timings
Venue Coordinator – May not necessarily be present from set up to tear down due to set working shifts. He or she may arrive early and then leave once your meal has been served or arrive slightly later after your suppliers have set up for the day, leaving an alternative operations manager in charge (who you may or may not have met).

Wedding Planner – Will have agreed attendance timings with you prior to your big day to ensure all bases are covered and will usually arrive from the initial set up time and stay with you till the end of the night, after having collected any valuables from the day so they can be kept aside and handed back to you once your guests have left.

5. Ceremony Involvement
Venue Coordinator – Will not take any responsibility for the ceremony or any religious part of the event.

Wedding Planner – Will often liaise with your priest or celebrant beforehand to double check that he or she has everything that is required. If you need some additional assistance during the ceremony then this is something your wedding planner can help with, if discussed prior to the day itself.

6. Emergency Kit
Venue Coordinator – Will not have a kit filled with emergency items in case you break your shoe or need an extra hair grip. He or she will only have any emergency medical and health and safety supplies which is the standard norm for any venue.

Wedding Planner – Will bring along an actual emergency kit (or briefcase in our case) stocked with any essential tools you may need for the day from superglue and shoe polish to air freshner and surface wipes. Even if you need someone to carry around your lipstick for the day – it’s all taken care of.

7. Guest Interaction
Venue Coordinator – Will not be responsible for interacting with guests and ensuring they are all seated correctly as per your table plan, and have their dietary requirements taken care of (especially if you’ve gone with an outside caterer).

Wedding Planner – Will do all of the above plus more, ensuring that all of your guests are happy and enjoying the day.

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