8 Things Couples Are Most Likely To Forget When Planning A Destination Wedding

destination wedding planningThere’s nothing quite like a good destination wedding. From the moment we start searching for locations right through to the moment we board our flights to get the planning process underway, we have a huge excited knot in our stomachs because we know, hand on heart, that our couples are going to experience some truly once in a lifetime magical moments. However, it’s not all fun and games. Getting married abroad can be a lot of hard work and your big day can go very wrong if not handled correctly. Here are some common problems people often face when heading to a foreign location. Bride and grooms, please take note:

1. Forgetting to research marriage license laws
In addition to your mehndi, sangeet and reception, if you’re looking to have your civil ceremony in a foreign location then be sure to check out the local laws. Every country has its own procedures and you don’t want to fly out with 200 guests and suddenly realise that your marriage won’t be legally binding.

2. Overestimating the guest list
Yes everyone loves you, but please do not assume that everyone on your invite list will turn up. Think very carefully about who you absolutely want at your wedding and make sure you’ve spoken to them ahead of booking a venue abroad. Sometimes work and family commitments can make it difficult for people to travel so please don’t take it personally. Remember once you’ve booked the venue and the flights, there’s no going back.

3. Not purchasing extra baggage allowance
If you’re getting married in India then you’re pretty lucky as chances are you’ll be doing the majority of your wedding shopping from there and heading straight to your venue. But, what if you’re getting married in an alternative exotic location? Indian outfits don’t come light, and imagine having to also pack in two weeks worth of holiday clothes! You may even have an outfit that needs to remain on the hanger so if that’s the case be sure to speak to your airline company prior to arriving at the airport and try and board first.

4. Not being flexible enough
If you’re getting married in a rustic Italian vineyard or on the beaches of Bali don’t head out there and expect to find all your typical British wedding accessories. Wherever you are try and source a local alternative – that way you’ll get something authentic, fresh and new. Give your guests an experience they won’t forget in a hurry. After all, there’s no point getting them to fly to the other side of the world if you could have had the same thing 30 minutes from home.

5. Ignoring the logistics
Are all of your events going to be held in the same place? Think about how far and how often your guests will have to travel. Is your hotel far from the airport? You need to work out if your guests will need taxis or if you will be providing them with alternative pre paid transportation. Remember to factor in the comfort level of your guests; the easier the experience, the more they’ll enjoy themselves.

6. Not hiring a wedding planner
Trying to plan a wedding in a different location with different time zones and different languages can be exhausting. Hire someone who has expert knowledge in this area as they will be able to make the process a whole lot easier and hopefully be able to save you some money too. There are companies in the UK (like ours) who will be able to manage everything from start to finish. Go with someone you can trust, and who you can ideally speak with and/or meet face-to-face.

7. Forgetting about the exchange rate
If you’re planning your wedding a year in advance then remember that the exchange rate is likely to fluctuate throughout the period, which could end up saving you some money, or costing you a fair amount. Look at what the exchange rate is when you’re starting out and plan your budget around it. Purchase currency, or transfer money across to an overseas bank account if you have to when the rate is in your favour.

8. Assuming the weather will be great
Just because you’re going abroad does not mean you will have good weather. Be wary for any exceptionally good deals that you come across as this may be due to the fact that you have picked to have your wedding in the middle of rainy season. There’s nothing worse than dragging your guests out to the other side of the world, for them to then be stuck indoors throughout the duration of the trip.

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