8 Ways To Get Your Boyfriend To Propose


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If you’ve been dating for a few weeks, months or years now and are looking for some solid commitment from your other half, perhaps in the form of a brand new shiny ring, then you are reading the right post! It’s fair to say that at some point in your relationship you’re going to want something more, but more often than not one person tends to always be ahead of the other, which means you’re either playing catch up or you’re going to have to be the one that provides a bit of a nudge.

Sticking with the typical scenario of a a man doing the proposing (though being the modern girls we are we totally know it can happen just as easily the other way round), we are going to assume that it’s the ladies that need to give their man a bit of a push, for the sake of this post. However, our hints can work just as well for the men who are looking to take their relationship with their partners to the next level.

Want him to propose? Follow these handy hints:

1. Start talking weddings
When you’re having a regular conversation try and work weddings into it. Casually mention a friend’s upcoming wedding or talk about a particular wedding-related scene in a film. Don’t make it too obvious, but see how he responds. It will also give you an insight into the way he feels about marriage and the wedding celebrations themselves.

2. Discuss the future
It’s a given that if you are both comfortable discussing the future and see yourselves as being a part of each other’s, then you’re ready for marriage. When you’re talking to your partner mention different long term scenarios and make it clear that you see him by your side when you do these; travelling, purchasing property, investing money etc.

3. Introduce him to the family
Everyone knows a relationship is getting serious when you feel comfortable enough to introduce your other half to the rest of the family. Hopefully he’ll get the hint and introduce you to his family too, and when he does, be on your absolute best behaviour. You need to charm your way through your in-laws and show him that you have taken to his family like they’re your own. Because believe it or not, how someone gets on with a person’s family can actually be a deal maker or breaker.

4. Be the perfect girlfriend
Yep, you read that right. If you’re looking for him to pop the question then you need to show him all the reasons why he needs to do that (aside from being madly in love with you of course). Show him how much he needs you in his life and that you have all the perfect qualities that he wants in a wife. Though the majority of men today are modern, they will still want someone with a hint of those traditional values who will, in some way or another, look after them.

5. Spend time with other married couples
Have you got any married friends? If so, then it’s the perfect time to set a double date or invite them round for dinner. If one of them also happens to be your bestie and you can trust them, then let them in on your plans. That way they’ll be on their best behavior and help show your partner how wonderful married life can actually be. Seeing other happily married people might help trigger the idea that he wants that in his life too.

6. Indulge in harmless flirtation
If you’re out and about with your partner perhaps at a bar, restaurant or coffee shop and find yourself getting some extra male attention, then don’t be so quick to shrug it off. We’re not saying turn your boyfriend green with envy, but simply show him that other people are and can be interested in you and that he got pretty lucky. Knowing other men are also attracted to you will just make you seem even more irresistible.

7. Spend some time apart
Take a road trip with your gal pals and head out of town or out of the country for a week or two if you can without your boyfriend. A little bit of space in a relationship can always be healthy and not having you around will simply remind him of how much he enjoys spending time with you, and hopefully how he wants you to be a part of his life forever.

8. Have a life of your own
Yes a road trip would be great if you get the chance, however if not, then continue to have a life of your own regardless. Go out with your work colleagues, friends, siblings and so on without your partner and have a good time. Knowing that you don’t depend on him for your own happiness is actually a good thing and it shows your life will continue with or without him. Knowing he’s wanted, but not necessarily needed will show that you are with him because you truly want to be.

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