9 Wedding Mistakes Often Made By Brides & Grooms

wedding mistakes
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If you’ve just started wedding planning then we understand exactly why you might be feeling a little overwhelmed. There are so many things you need to get to grips with, yet there’s so much conflicting advice out there. If you have no idea where to start then be sure to read our post on You’re Engaged! Here’s What You Need To Do Next.

On the other hand if you’re feeling fairly confident about what you need to do, just be sure not to make any of the following mistakes we often see brides and grooms fall victim too:

1. You Hide Details
One of the best pieces of advice we can give you is to be open and honest with your suppliers. The more you tell them the more they can help you. Your suppliers work in the wedding industry day in day out, so when they give you some advice, listen to it. If you start hiding important facts from them then you’re only cheating yourself.

2. You Treat Price As Your Only Deciding Factor
Whether you have thousands to spend or millions, we understand when a couple tells us that they have a budget. However, if you start using price to make all of your decisions then you’re going to end up regretting a lot of them. If you like a particular décor company for example, see if you can go with them but find a way to reduce your cost by making a compromise somewhere. Or, if your dream photographer is out of budget, see if you can reign in costs elsewhere and do a direct swap. Sometimes it’s important to just go with your gut.

3. You Start Changing Your Priorities Halfway
When you start looking for a wedding venue for example, be clear on what your priorities are. Are you most bothered by the location, the outside grounds, the overall look or whether or not there is any accommodation on site? Are you flexible with your guest numbers? If not, then don’t view places that will never be able to accommodate your numbers. If you aren’t clear from day one then you’ll end up wasting a lot of time unnecessarily with your search.

4. You Think You Can Do It All Yourself
If you’re working on a budget and think you can do things yourself for less cost then think again. Suppliers will have access to trade prices that you will not be able to compete with and they also have experience in their chosen field. If you’ve never worked on a flower arrangement then don’t attempt to put your wedding bouquet together yourself. Or, if your working hours are intense don’t take on the task of making your own table centres and favours. You’ll simply end up getting stressed and will end up working yourself up into such a state, that saving a few pounds won’t even seem worth it in the end.

5. You Stress Out Other People
Following on from the point above try and avoid giving other people too much responsibility and remember that they should enjoy your wedding celebrations too. There’s nothing wrong with asking your friend to bring the buttonholes or getting your brother to help with getting your guests seated, but don’t ask your uncle or aunty to be in charge of making teas and coffees and serving breakfast as this will mean they can’t enjoy the celebrations and risk looking a mess before things have even begun.

6. You Don’t Say Hello To Your Guests
Whether your guests live down the road or they’ve flown in from another country, it’s important to take some time out during the celebrations to show them how much you appreciate their presence. This should be done at every function. If you’re keeping things informal, a great time to say hello would be during your evening drinks reception, or you can quickly pop round to all the guests’ tables after dinner is served. If your numbers aren’t too high you can even personally give out your wedding favours.

7. You Skip Having A Videographer
In a bid to cut costs, some couples often opt not to have a wedding videographer at all. Big mistake. While you don’t have to go all out and spend thousands of pounds (if you don’t want to) we think it’s really important you have some sort of memory of your wedding day. There are some things that photographers can’t capture and you’ll regret it in the long run if you don’t have someone. Opt for a cheaper wedding cake if you have to, but make sure you have someone there!

8. You Don’t Hire A Wedding Planner
While some couples think they don’t need a wedding planner, they will usually get to a week before the wedding and start panicking about the details of their day. They’ll be worrying about who will take charge and organise guests and start feeling anxious about any important items they may have missed. To avoid this, hire a good wedding planner from day one. Compared to your overall wedding spend, the cost of hiring a planner will be tiny – but certainly money well spent we say.

9. You Don’t Spend Time With Your Partner
The whole reason you’re getting married in the first place is because you’ve found this incredible person who you love spending time with and can’t wait to spend the rest of your life with. However, many couples tend to let wedding planning take over their lives and forget to factor in time to spend as a couple (this is time where you don’t talk about anything wedding-related at all). Remember to have some fun and schedule in regular date nights.

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