Carriages’ Wedding Beauty Countdown

wedding beauty planWe understand how stressful wedding planning can be. From dealing with your dress fittings, to finding the perfect shoes and finalising table centres, there’s a chance you may overlook the more smaller, yet significant details, like; getting your brows groomed, teeth whitened or skin perfected. To help you, we have put together a schedule by the month for appointments you need to book before your big day, with everything from getting your hair coloured and trimmed, to prepping your nails. Let the countdown begin!

Six to four months prior
Schedule a visit to the dermatologist

If you suffer from major skin problems like acne, uneven tones and textures it is best to get the situation under control and visit an expert in advance. Pores, fine lines and redness can all be attended to through laser treatments, but remember it may require multiple sessions over several months to gain the best results. Start as early as possible and schedule in a series of treatments from face peels or microdermabrasion for your face and body to get the perfect glowing skin.

Three to two months prior
Eyebrows and complexion

The most flattering and youthful brows come from keeping them full and natural as possible. Favour waxing over tweezing to groom your brows and decide on the best shape for you. It will also be time to visit your dermatologist again to see how your skin is responding to any new products you are using along side your treatments. If you need to tweak your routine, now is the time so you can still get the best results.

One month prior
Hair and skin maintenance

If you naturally have unruly and frizzy hair, book in at the salon for a keratin treatment a month prior so your hair does not fall flat on the big day. It’s also a good time to experiment with eyelash extensions. Consider semi-permanent lash extensions, as they look more natural and won’t fall off if you cry during the day. We recommend to have your lashes attached a full month prior to avoid suffering from any adverse reactions. A few days before the wedding have them touched up. Continue with your skin regime and boost your wedding glow by gentle exfoliation, peels or light laser treatments with your dermatologist. Ensure you drink plenty of water, get adequate sleep, exercise and have a well-balanced diet to enhance the effects. Avoid using new and aggressive products, instead wear extra sun protection and apply moisturiser day and night. 

Three weeks prior
Smiles and facials

Book in for a professional cleaning with your dental practice to remove surface stains and plaque. Follow this up with a second visit for a whitening treatment. To maintain the results use dental approved whitening toothpaste until the your wedding. Begin a series of three micro-current facials, one for each week leading up to the wedding to de-puff tired looking eyes and resurface your skin, leaving it fresh, clear and glowing.

Two weeks prior
Evaluate and review

Review your hair needs and styles for your wedding day. If you’re planning to wear your hair down or half up book in for an in-salon deep conditioning treatment like Kérastase Fusio-Dose. But it you’re planning on an updo, skip these treatments as your hair will be easier to work with when it is textured. If you need to get your roots touched-up or put in subtle highlights now is the time. Pick a colour that is natural and makes you feel the most comfortable. 

One week prior
Final checks

Avoid eating salty foods, sugars and excessive carbohydrates to dodge any last-minute blemishes. Do not overdo your exercise as this can cause your body to retain water resulting in a puffy face and eyes. Book in for your last hair trim with your trusted stylist but don’t do anything drastic.

 Three days prior

To avoid skin irritation and redness, get a body wax no later than 3 days prior to your wedding day. Groom your eyebrows by tweezing away any strays, but do not mess around with them. Keep them as natural as possible and to the shape you have been working on for the last three months.

Two days prior
Face, hands and feet prep

Undergo your last micro-current facial to help manage any stress related puffiness. Prep your hands and feet with a professional manicure and pedicure to ensure chip-free polish for your special day.

The day of the wedding
Prime your skin

Right before your make up, use a last-minute gentle exfoliating mask in the shower to boost your bridal glow. Then remember, to breathe and have the most amazing time of your life.

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