Dos & Don’ts For Achieving A Perfect Bridal Beauty Look

bridal beautyA bride may be forgiving and compromise on the finer details of her wedding day such as the height of the table centres or the flavour of the cake, but when it comes to her hair and make-up, one thing’s for sure – everything needs to be flawless, no exceptions!

Every soon-to-be-bride wants to look her absolute best on the big day, but with so much information out there on makeup artists, bridal styles and looks, it can be daunting to know where to start. So to help ensure you get this all-important decision right, we’ve put together some dos and don’ts to achieve your bridal beauty goal.


Book your hair and makeup artist in advance
If you want the best be sure to give your preferred artist plenty of notice as he/she will need to check their availability, especially if you are planning your big day during peak season or on a Bank Holiday weekend.

Be realistic about how much you want to spend. If you’re looking to hire someone with years of experience and who is well known, then be prepared to spend a minimum of £900. If your budget does not stretch this far that’s not to say you can’t find someone who will do a great job. Remember, even though artists may not have as much experience they can still do a good job. If you would like your artist to stay on site for touch ups throughout the day be prepared to spend more for this service.

Book a trial
Always book a trial with your makeup artist before you commit. A trial will allow you to see what their work will look like on you. Remember images of their past work will often be edited and touched up so be sure you are happy with their work and style in natural daylight. It is also important that you feel comfortable and relaxed with them, as they will be the first person you will see on the morning of your big day.

Take your bridal outfit with you
Even if it’s only the blouse of your bridal outfit, be sure to take it with you so you are able to see how your hair and makeup style will impact the overall final look. Don’t forget to take your dupatta with you too. You may have decided on an amazing up do for the ceremony during the trial, for it to then be ruined on the day by the weight of your embroidered dupatta because you forgot to test it out. Opt for a hairstyle that is functional as well as fashionable.

Try different styles
You may have seen an image from a magazine and be adamant that you want that particular look, but make sure you try different options. As much as pictures are a great starting point, not every look will be suitable for your own features and skin tone. Take recommendations from your artist during the trial as he or she may be able to suggest something you would have not thought about.

Go with your instincts
If you feel after the trial that the hair and makeup artist is not for you than go with your gut instinct and look elsewhere. At the end of the day you will be spending a lot of money and it’s important that you feel comfortable with not just the artist as a person, but also their work.


Be in charge of your own hair and makeup
Even if you’re a pro with nerves of steel, you don’t want any added stress on the morning of your wedding day. This also applies to asking a friend or relative to take on the job. Professional artists will have the right resources and tools that you or your friend/relative will not have experience of using, so it’s best to hire someone else so you can enjoy the morning and be pampered and looked after.

Attend your trial ungroomed
Don’t forget to groom before you attend your trial. If you have ungroomed eyebrows, or dehydrated skin you will never get the desired look you require for your day and will probably leave your trial feeling disappointed.

Go with trends
You want to make sure that in 10 years’ time when you look back on photos, our bridal look still looks timeless – so avoid going anything overly trendy. Keep your look classic with neutral colours that compliment your skin tone and your chosen outfit.

Say ‘yes’ to everything
Even if your makeup artist has over 10 years’ experience, if you don’t feel comfortable with something he or she has suggested then it’s okay to say ‘no’. Don’t just say ‘yes’ to everything if it doesn’t feel right for you in order to keep the peace. Everyone will have their own opinions and style so let the final decision be what YOU love and feel comfortable with to ensure you have no regrets.

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