Escape Your Wedding Woes With These Bridal Film Classics

We understand (more so than anyone else) the stresses of wedding planning. Between trying to find the perfect venue and keeping the family feeling involved and happy, you need to ensure you take some much needed time out with your other half, or favourite favourite gal pals and just RELAX. And, what better way to do this than with your feet up on the sofa while munching on a bowl of popcorn?

Watch your way through our list of big screen favourites that will be sure to put the fun back into wedding planning. In no particular order:

Four Weddings & A Funeral 

The romantic English comedy starring Huge Grant was released in 1994 and was an unexpected success. The screenplay was written by Richard Curtisone, of Britian’s top comedy writers and author of the world famous ‘Mr Bean’ TV series and films. The plot tells of Charles (Grant), a charming, good-looking young English man, fearful of commitment, falls in love with Carrie (Andie McDowell), a sophisticated American woman. As well as being one of the highest grossing British films made in history, it also gave us the amazing song ‘Love Is All Around’ by Wet, Wet, Wet.


My Big Fat Greek Wedding (2002)

Our favourite Greek-American family are both charming and comic. At 30, Toula (Nia Vandals) feels like a failure in the eyes of her traditional very Greek parents. Her luck soon changes when she meets teacher Ian Miller (John Corbett) but her parents have a hard time accepting her decision to marry a non Greek. A great family film loved by everyone.


Runaway Bride (1999)

Who doesn’t love when Julia Roberts and Richard Gere come together on the big screen? They gave us the much-loved ‘Pretty Woman’ and when ‘Runaway Bride’ was released in 1999 they did not disappoint us. Having already jilted three grooms at the altar, Maggie (Roberts) is labelled the runaway bride by city journalist Ike (Gere). Convinced Maggie will run for the fourth time, Ike follows the bride for his story only to fall in love with the heartbreaker bride.


Father of The Bride (1991)

Starring Steve Martin, this classic comedy is all about a farther having a hard time letting go of his little girl. With countless hilarious moments, the film follows George (Martin) handle the stresses of planning a modern, elaborate wedding. Martin Short also appears as the outrageous and flamboyant wedding planer, Franck, who steals the scene on more than one occasion.


The Proposal (2009)

When faced with deportation from America back to her native Canada, Margaret (Sandra Bullock) a high-power book editor ropes her hapless assistant Andrew (Ryan Reynolds) into a shame wedding to save her job. Andrew agrees to help Margaret with a few strings attached but with a suspicious immigration official always lurking nearby the couple must go ahead with the charade despite several mishaps.


My Best Friend’s Wedding (1997)

A wedding comedy that should never be left off the list, ‘My Best Friend’s Wedding’ was released in 1997 starring Julia Roberts and Cameron Diaz. Juilanne (Roberts) makes a pact with college ex-boyfriend Michael (Dermot Mulroney) that if they are both still single by their 28th birthdays they’ll marry each other. As their birthdays approach, Juilanne receives a disappointed call from Michael who’s engaged to the young and beautiful Kimberly (Diaz). Still in love with Michael, the story follows Robert’s character and her scheming crazy ways to keep the nuptials from going ahead.


Muriel’s Wedding (1994)

A personal favourite and not your conventional love story that is both humorous and heart felt. Muriel Hislop (Toni Collette) is prime in her 20s living in Porpoise Spit Australia but surrounded by an uncaring family and fake friends. To escape her depressing life Muriel listens to ABBA and dreams of getting married one day. Muriel decides to move to Sydney to start a new life, changing her name along the way and begins to reshape her life to match her fantasies.


The Wedding Singer (1998)

One of the best nostalgia films dedicated to the 80s, a wedding singer Robbie Hart (Adam Sandler) meets waitress Julia (Drew Barrymore) during a gig. Both engaged to the wrong people soon realise after spending time together that they are in love. The film’s ending is a favourite including a cameo by rock star Billy Idol.


Bride Wars (2009)

Starring Kate Hudson and Anne Hathaway, this laugh-out-loud film will be perfect for a girls’ night in with your bridesmaids. Best friends since childhood both Emma (Hathaway) and Liv (Hudson) dream of walking down the aisle at the stunning New York City Plaza Hotel. Things soon go wrong when the Plaza accidently double books their weddings on the same day. Refusing to change their dates, both brides go to war.


Monster In Law (2005)

If you were worried about your soon to be mother-in-law, than you can relax because nothing will compare to Charlotte’s (Jennifer Lopez) monster-in-law, Viola (Jane Fonda). Charlotte is completely smitten after falling for Dr. Kevin Fields (Michael Vartan) and as they announce their engagement, she soon realises that his mother is not quite thrilled to have a new family member or willing to share his son. Viola goes to great length and won’t stop until the wedding is called off.

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