Favourite Bridal Hairstyles For Your Big Day

You’ve chosen a gorgeous bridal outfit, found the most perfect accessorises and booked a top make up artist which means there’s only one detail left to finalise – your hairstyle. Nowadays the only rule for the bridal style is that there are NO rules, so when it comes to your hair, you can afford to be different. With a wealth of inspiration from some of the most gorgeous Bollywood actresses out there you will definitely be spoilt for choice.

Top Tips: Remember to look after your luscious locks prior to your wedding to get the perfect finish. From your diet to the products you use, it will be important to repair your hair from the inside as well as the outside. Increase your intake of vitamin B to help bring out a natural shine. Then at least four weeks prior to the day book in for an invigorating scalp massage and a deep conditioning treatment along with a good trim to remove any split ends.

If you need to colour your hair then make sure you go for a colour you’ve used before or have a trial test patch done with plenty of time to spare to avoid any nasty surprises at the last moment. Consult your hairstylist prior to the big day about your hair condition to ensure he or she is comfortable and brings all the relevant products they need.

Here are some stunning bridal hairstyles to give you some inspiration.

The Bun

bridal hairstyles

This is a timeless classic for anyone looking for a more traditional look. However, instead of opting for a tight high updo go for a low gathered soft bun. This style can be put together in different variations and will exude glamour and elegance. Whether you’re looking for curls or twists this will be the perfect choice to match any outfit.

The Braid

wedding hairstyles

To make your bun a little different add in braids to give it that something extra and be on trend. Again keep the style loose and soft avoiding too much hairspray to keep the texture.

 Hair Down

hairstyles for brides

There’s no rule to say you have to wear your hair up for your Indian ceremony. If you don’t feel confortable with having a bun and prefer to wear your hair down then this is the style for you. Opt for loose bouncy curls and dress with your favourite headpiece.

Hair Accessories

hairstyles for wedding

If you want to keep things simple then the best way to make your style stand out is through your accessories. Whether you prefer a statement piece or a delicate headpiece or floral remember to match the rest of your jewellery accordingly. Go from something simpler if you’ve opted for a statement piece to balance out your look.

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