Groom-ing Tips That Will Leave Your Bride Impressed

men grooming tips

So you popped that all-important question almost a year ago, bought the rings, tailored your suit and booked your honeymoon (not to forget the stag do, of course)! Now the final few hours of freedom approach and it’s time to get focused. Many grooms will already be au faux with hair products, cleaners and moisturises, spending hours in front of the mirror styling to perfection, but for others a shave and shower can be pushing the boat out. So, we’ve put together some handy tips to help you to be the best well-groomed man on your special day.

Put the ‘man’ in manipedi
If there’s one thing to splash out on, a simple professional manicure and pedicure treatment should be it. After all, your hands (and feet if you’re having the Indian ceremony) will be the focus of many photos throughout the entire day and no one wants to look back at rough hands and unkept toenails.

Skin regime
Stopping and starting a skincare routine can play havoc with your skin, so whatever you do, don’t use unfamiliar products right before your wedding day. Stick to what you know works for your skin type from moisturiser, night creams or even face masks – keep it regular.

Pearly whites
We hope you will be smiling a lot during your wedding day so you’re going to want your teeth looking their best. Plan ahead by using a dentist-approved whitening toothpaste a month before the big day. You may also want to consider a full professional whitening treatment or an inexpensive clean with your dental hygienist. But don’t forget to have mints on standby on the big day.

Subtle scents
There is nothing more important then the scent of a man, so whether you stick to your signature cologne or go for something more meaningful, like the one you wore when you popped the question, there is nothing worse than overpowering your guests with too much. Stick to two or three sprits on your chest to make it last longer as it traps against your skin and shirt.

Keep it matte
Avoid shiny skin on your wedding day by using mattifying products to help absorb excessive oils. This rule applies when styling your hair too. Avoid the greasy waxed or wet-looking hair by using products that will give your hair more depth and texture, which will look far better for the photos.

Stubble to sharper shaver
Shaving can leave your skin feeling puffy and sore, so before you tackle your face with a razor, make sure you do this with hours to spare before you have to walk down the aisle, allowing your skin to settle. Better still; shave the night before and this way you will avoid any razor burns or redness showing up on your photos. If you prefer the stubble look, trial and error is the only way to assess your beard growth. Note on average how long it takes from the day of shaving for you to grow the optimum stubble, making it picture perfect.





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