Host An Informal Wedding Reception That Your Guests Will Love

informal wedding receptionAre you looking to put together a fun, fuss-free evening reception that will not only impress your guests, but make such an impact, that they’ll be talking about the night for years to come?

With many couples opting for a formal sit down evening reception, with strict scheduled speeches and entertainment, guests can begin to get restless (especially if it’s their fifth wedding of the season or more). While some formalities such as the as the groom’s speech are important, there is really no rulebook for how your evening reception should run.

We particularly love receptions with a casual ambience where the couple can mingle and interact with their guests throughout the night, without feeling restricted by all the time restraints. So, to continue with this relaxed vibe, here are a few other suggestions:

Mingle with your guests
Most couples tend to opt out of joining their guests during the drinks reception. By doing this, not only do you miss out on the delicious canapés, but you’ll also lose out on photo opportunities with your guests. If you join your guests from the very beginning, you’ll be relaxed while you mingle and be able to enjoy an extra hour in their company – and a few extra drinks!

Utilise the venue space
Opting for a venue that has a number of interconnecting function rooms is a great way to space out your guests and use different areas for specific activities. For example, one room can be used as the bar and lounge area, while another for the entertainment and dancefloor. This will allow your guests to flow in and out of different rooms without feeling restricted or obliged  to participate in any particular activity. For the set up, choose soft furniture and poser tables and scatter these throughout the different rooms.

Ensure food is always flowing
Fancy manapés (mains in the form of canapés) are a great alternative to a buffet. Serve around 10 – 12 items and keep these circulating through the night, finishing off with a dessert bar (think doughnuts, cake or anything else that takes your fancy). Your guests will be able to mingle while they eat and discover the beauty of your venue, if perhaps you have gone all out and hired a beautiful manor or stately home. At the end of the night why not serve a midnight snack for your guests to enjoy before they head off to bed or set off on a long drive home? A fresh batch of chips with condiments will always go down a treat after a night of song and dance.

Keep entertainment to a minimum
Have your speeches right at the beginning of the night as soon as you’ve made your entrance as man and wife. With all of your guests in one place at the start, it’s without a doubt the best time to say your bit – just remember to keep it short and sweet. To mix up the entertainment, you can always opt to hire a live band as an alternative, or addition to your DJ. Other acts such as family dances or interactive games may be better placed during one of the pre wedding functions, so they don’t disrupt from the casual flow of the event (with people feeling pressurised to watch).

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