How To Add The Wow Factor To Your Photo Booth

We live in a world obsessed with instant social media updates. Everyone wants to upload a great looking picture of themselves on Facebook, Snapchat or Instagram, which is why the rise in popularity of photo booths makes total sense. The problem though, is that so often brides and grooms seem to be missing a trick when it comes to adding a certain wow factor to their event.

Let’s be honest; 8 out of 10 weddings will probably have a regular photo booth – the kind you step into when you want to have your passport pictures taken, and while this was a real novelty factor three years ago, times are changing people!

We’re not saying don’t have a photo booth at your wedding – we love pictures. We’re just saying that in order to make your event spectacular, you need to step back and look at the bigger picture (did you see what we did there with ‘picture’?). Here’s presenting 5 alternative photo booth set ups you should seriously be considering.

1. 3D props

Photo booth

When you think of a photo booth you traditionally think of having to step inside a self contained structure, squeezing in tight to ensure there’s enough room for your entourage. But, have you thought about having a specific open area set up for your guests to take a picture? Go for something that matches your theme and actually, you’ll be adding an extra element to your décor too. Not only this, but your guests will see other guests having a great time taking their pictures and they will want to follow on.

2. Funky transport

wedding photo booth

If you’re looking for something more self contained then instead of a standard box go for something a little more fun. We’ve seen vintage cars, vans and trucks all being used and the great thing is, you can usually decorate these according to your theme. You can also line up a few treats for your guests as they step inside – truffles or alcoholic shots will definitely add to the fun factor. Think about offering your guests an unforgettable experience – because that’s exactly what we’re about at Carriages.

3. Frame it up

photo booth wedding
This is great for those big family portrait shots. Get hold of a simple wall structure and then attach your frames. Keep two or three frames empty so you can capture your guests’ floating heads (or even add a horizontal frame in there for one full frame shot). Mix this up with a few ready pictures – one of the couple would be quite nice, or even a few motivational or funny quotes.

4. Film posters
photobooth for wedding
If your wedding reception is more vintage fun rather than sophisticated glitz then you could have some famous cardboard cut outs dotted around for your guests to take pictures with. The same thing can be done with film posters. Why not blow up the images, make them full size and then cut out the faces of the actors so they can be replaced with your guests. Again, it’s just a bit of fun but will probably be all over Facebook before you even blink. If you’re going with famous actors then you could have your very own red carpet area set up.

5. Magazine cover

photobooths for weddings

This literally made us gasp when we saw it – we totally love it. There are magazines out there for literally anything; cars, travel, music, film, pop culture etc – so choose a magazine that fits in with your theme and create a unique cover, which your guests as the cover stars. You simply need a huge glass structure that can be laid safely inside your venue and then have your guests walk in and out from behind. Trust us when we say they’ll be clicking away.

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