How To Overcome Real Wedding Day Nightmares

wedding day nightmaresYou will most likely have spent the good part of a whole year (or more) planning your wedding; you’ve booked the venue, handpicked your suppliers and spent hours finalising your seating arrangements and timings, but we must warn you (without completely terrifying you of course) that when it comes to wedding celebrations, you should ALWAYS expect the unexpected.

There are so many things that can potentially go wrong on your big day, but as long as the problem is managed and your guests don’t notice, it’s absolutely fine. This is why so many couples are now opting to have a wedding planner take charge because it means when they’re busy getting married, there is someone else who knows the day inside out (sometimes even better than the couple themselves) who can use his or her initiative to take charge of any changes and ensure everything runs smoothly without any hitches.

If you’re thinking about what sort of things can actually go wrong, then here are a few real-life examples from our team of wedding planners. We kid you not, all of these things actually happened!

Wardrobe malfunction
This is perhaps the one thing that all brides and grooms dread will happen to them on their big day. Imagine ripping your dress, spilling coffee on your shirt or losing your tie. You might be laughing it off right now, but truth is, these things do and have happened on events.

For example, we’ve had a groom break his show (mojris) before he made his entrance, but luckily we had some extra super glue with us and stuck it back together before anyone noticed. We also recently had an instance where the hooks came off a bride’s blouse as she was getting ready. Thankfully not only do we have a sowing kit on hand, but we have someone who’s handy with a needle and thread too. No matter where we go, we always travel with our trusted Carriages’ emergency kit which is filled with handy tools and products to ensure we can fix pretty much anything on the day.

Lack of cleanliness
A clean and well laid out room is essential for any event. Have you ever wondered what would happen if the venue doesn’t keep to it’s side of the bargain and provide you with a thoroughly cleaned room? Imagine walking into the toilets and seeing tissues all over the sink and breathing in a nasty lingering smell – it’s not going to be pleasant, right?

We have had instances where we have arrived at a venue in the morning and found the contents of a previous party scattered all over the floor. This meant that we had to get hold of a vacuum cleaner and physically get our hands dirty to ensure the room was cleaned from top to bottom ahead of the guests’ arrival. Couples often also like to leave water bottles on theatre style chairs for their guests during a ceremony and this always means the floor will be covered in plastic by the end. Our team will ensure they get hold of a member of staff on on the day (and often lend a hand themselves) to ensure all empties are collected and thrown away so the mandap area is ready and reset for the vidaai.

Extra guests and incorrect seating plans
If you’re having a big fat Indian wedding, managing the numbers and guest list can be difficult, alongside ensuring all table numbers/names, placecards and favours are set up correctly and as per your list.

The turnaround time is often the most stressful as there is a short period of time to completely transform the room. At Carriages, we’re on hand to oversee everything and make sure any necessary changes are made to floor table plans. We personally greet and seat guests to ensure everyone knows where they need to be. We have had additional unaccounted for guests turn up to an event on more than one occasion and had to direct them to spare seats without creating a disturbance.

Feeling uneasy
Your wedding day will be one of the most emotional days in your life and sometimes it can be hard to relax and enjoy the moment when so much is going on, especially if you’re nervous about delivering a speech or your first dance. Sometimes you just need a few minutes to compose your thoughts and hear some words of encouragement.

There have been moments where we’ve had to have a reassuring chat with the bride ahead of her entrance and calm down the groom (with a drink) as he’s come out in a sweat ahead of delivering his speech. At Carriages we pride ourselves on being there for our clients no matter what the situation and will do our best to make sure the bride, groom and their guests are comfortable at all times.

Delayed suppliers
In order for your event to be running on time, it is important for all of your individual suppliers to be ready when agreed. They need to be fully briefed and aware of their own arrival and service times. Even if this is done, sometimes things can just be out of your control so ensure there is someone around who can liaise with and assist all suppliers.

For example, we had a caterer who was an delayed for over an hour because the team were stuck on the M1 due to an accident. In this situation, as soon as they arrived, we provided them with some extra pair of hands so they could get things ready as soon as possible. The extra help along with effective guest management ensured that no one had even noticed the delay as we had brought back the timings to exactly where they needed to be.

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