How To Select The Right Suppliers For Your Wedding Day

wedding suppliersWhen it comes to wedding planning, one of the most time consuming, overwhelming and daunting tasks is to choose the right suppliers for your big day. The difference between a successful wedding and a not so successful wedding comes down to the quality of the suppliers, so it’s vital to get this part of the planning process correct.  Here is our step-by-step guide to help you begin your wedding planning journey on the right foot:

1. Time
While it’s important to book your suppliers as early as possible to avoid disappointment (a minimum of one year in advance in some cases), remember not to rush the process. Some suppliers will take longer than others to finalise such as your venue and your caterer, while others like your florist, beautician and priest should be a lot quicker to decide. Just remember that EVERYTHING should be finalised three months prior to the big day.

2. Research
A great starting point for picking the right suppliers is take on board any personal recommendations from family and friends who have recently tied the knot. They will guide you in the right direction and help you steer clear of anyone who isn’t trustworthy. Remember to also do a quick search on the Internet and look for reviews listed on various wedding websites, blogs and social media pages. It’s also a good idea to attend wedding fayres and flick through some magazines to see who is being spoken about in a positive manner within the industry.  Don’t forget to look through your own chosen suppliers’ websites, portfolios and testimonials.

With so many options available, it can often be overwhelming to come to a decision. So here are a few factors to take into consideration:

  • Budget: It can be easy to get carried away so it is essential to set a clear budget before you begin supplier sourcing. This will also help you to re-evaluate what you would like to spend more on and where you can make cuts toward the final few months of wedding planning.
  • Style: Your wedding style will determine the suppliers you opt for. Therefore take some time out to consider the style of your special day and look for specific suppliers who have created a similar set up before, who will be able to compliment your vision.
  • Location: Remember to ask every supplier if they will be willing to travel. Some might not be and some might charge a lot of money to do so, which means it’s also useful to split your search geographically.
  • Shortlist: The research stage is an opportunity to narrow down your different options. Select a few suppliers you would like to gain some further information from and then look to compare these with the rest. Limit this to three to five options per category or else you’ll end up looking through a long list of suppliers and wasting a lot of time.

3. Contact
Once you’ve narrowed down your options, you can  contact the suppliers for further information and get a rough quote guide. Remember to gather key information regarding availability, pricing, packages and extra options as well as payment terms, booking procedures and terms and conditions.

4. Shortlist again & consultations
You can usually sense whether or not you’re happy with a supplier via their phone or email correspondence. If you’ve not been impressed from the word go, then it’s fair to strike them off the list. As a general rule we recommend you narrow down your choices to two suppliers from each category and try and arrange a face-to-face meeting to determine who you feel most comfortable with.

P.S There may be certain suppliers you don’t need to meet in person beforehand such as instrumentalists and singers, however if they’re local and you both have the time for a meet up – then go for it.

5. Make a final decision
When it comes to making the final decision follow your instinct. Go with the supplier you feel most confortable with and trust will do a good job. Let them know you would like to ago ahead with their services and arrange a convenient time to go over the contracts, terms and conditions. Make sure you read through details carefully and ask questions if there are any points you are unsure about. Ensure everything is put in writing to avoid confusion at a later date, as this is the time to iron out all details.

Don’t forget to also contact the other suppliers you have spoken to or met in the run up to inform them you would not like to go ahead with their services. They will appreciate you honesty and courtesy.

 6. Hire a wedding planner
If you find that you are struggling to put enough time aside to source suppliers or simply cannot find the perfect company that falls within your budget, then hiring a wedding planner is definitely a great investment. Not only do wedding planners work with a wide range of trusted suppliers on a daily basis, but they will be able to suggest the best supplier for your specific requirements.

If you’re looking for a helping hand to find the perfect suppliers for your big day contact a member of our team on 0116 268 8804 or email for further information.

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