How To Successfully Feng Shui Your Wedding Day

With the Chinese New Year celebrations taking place earlier this month, we thought now would be an appropriate time to introduce you to the idea of feng shui, and how you can use it effectively to enhance your wedding day. It’s not common for many brides to use the art of feng shui (especially when it comes to Indian weddings) but these sacred laws provide the secret to creating a balanced day filled with plenty of good energy and harmony.

The ancient art and science of feng shui originates from China and was developed thousands of years ago. It revolves around a system of laws that govern arrangements and orientations in relation to the flow of chi (energy). By implementing these laws you can learn how to balance the energies in any given space, assuring health and good fortune.

Wedding planning can sometimes be overwhelming when you have so many choices to make. But, if you follow this simple feng shui rules not only will you feel calmer, your guests will too.

1. Outside

feng shui wedding
Good feng shui has no Sha Chi (attacking) or Si Chi (low) energy and when choosing your venue carefully study what surrounds it. Is there a busy motorway near by or a noisy railroad? Is the drive way unkept with potholes? Details like this will usually challenge positive feng shui so it is vital to choose a setting that will attract high energy. Choose a venue that is well maintained from the outside, with beautiful gardens (no matter how small) and that is located in a stunning setting to compliment the inside energies.

2. Entrance

wedding feng shui
The front entrance of the venue is just as important as the outside space. A good feng shui must be smooth and strong with a clear energy flow. Make sure there are no obstacles to the entrance or any other features blocking the door. Once you enter it is important to channel the incoming feng shui energy throughout the whole venue and any additional rooms you will be using, so think about how you would like to welcome you guests. You may opt to have your Ganesh statue by the entrance or decorate it with gorgeous flowers and fairy lights in-keeping with your style and theme.

3. Arrangement and orientation

feng shui wedding
Thinking about the set up for your ceremony or reception is crucial in creating a fresh, clear and freely flowing energy. There will be a lot to set up from the tables to the DJ and any additions such as a photobooth, so you have to get this right. Make sure you do not over fill the space that will make the room look cluttered and leave no space for your guests to move. Good feng shui energy requires clean space; fresh air and plenty of good lighting and this should be at the forefront of your mind when thinking about the orientation of your set up. Before booking any venue we definitely recommend thinking about the over all layout and any additional set up you would like. Ask your venue for floor plans and room dimensions to avoid any disappointments.

4. Colour scheme

feng shui wedding
The colours you choose for your wedding can take the feng shui to another level. From bright reds to fresh whites, each colour will create a different desired energy. Here is a quick breakdown of colours and their chi:

Yellow – sunny, nourishing and happy
This is the feng shui colour of sunlight and creates a cosy and welcoming energy.

Red – passion, courage and romance
Red is the strongest feng shui colour representing fire. This colour represents high energies of joy, excitement and luck.

Orange – optimistic and open
If you want a social feel to your wedding orange is the colour for you as it promotes lively conversations and good times.

White – freshness and new beginnings
The feng shui here is of purity and innocence. White represents new beginnings and simplicity. Perfect for anyone looking to create a pure energy.

Blue – tranquillity, peace and calm
So many shades to choose from whether it is clear sky blue to deep indigos the feng shui energy here will be of calm and peace with an overall sense of relaxation.

Purple – royal, noble and mysterious
A popular colour for weddings over the past couple of years and ideal if you are looking to create a regal and mysterious atmosphere. However feng shui advice suggests using this shade sparingly because of its high vibrations.

Pink – soothing, gentle and loving
A beautiful feng shui colour to create soft energies for your wedding day. Pink shades are delicate and create a soothing atmosphere that will be filled with love.

5. Exit

feng shui wedding
The exit is just as important as your entrance in adding a positive feng shui and ending your special day with an abundance of good energy. Think about the carriage that will whisk you away to start a new chapter in your life. According to feng shui, opt for a black vehicle and hang a crystal from the rear view mirror. The prism of the light will ward off any darkness and create a bright new beginning for the happy newly-wedded couple.

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