Important Questions To Ask Your Bridal Hair & Make Up Artist

bridal makeup artistEvery bride wants to look amazing on her wedding day, which is why when it comes to hiring someone for your hair and make up, you should only ever settle for the best. With so many stylists promoting their work online it can be difficult to judge who will be the right match for you, so do plenty of research beforehand and always take note of any recommendations from family and friends.

Once you have narrowed down your list to a couple of your favourite artists you’ll need to book in for a consultation and trial so you can see how they work. While some artists may offer a free consultation, others may charge a small fee, so check these details before you book.

This is the perfect time to ask those all important questions that you’ll need answers to. Don’t be afraid to be brutally honest – we’re talking about your wedding day after all!

How often do you work with brides?
It’s key to understand which situations the artist has worked in. An editorial shoot is very different to working on weddings. With emotions running high and different techniques and styles involved, it’s important your hair and make up artist will be able to adapt to any situation.

Do you have experience working with my skin and hair type?
Make sure your make up artist has had experience working with different skin types, and has the knowledge to advise you on what productions will work best for YOU – weather you have oily, dry or combination skin or certain problem areas – you’ll need someone who can overcome those issues and make you look amazing.

Are there any additional charges?
Some hair and make up artists will have additional fees. For example, they may charge a supplement for airbrushing, false lashes and travel costs. You may also want to have a second trial if you change your mind about the choices you made during the first consultation and that may also occur an additional fee. So make sure you go away with a list of any extras that you may have not factored for within your budget.

Will I need to provide my own make up and supplies?
On the whole, your make up artists will provide the majority of make up and supplies, from their own brushes and applicators to eye shadows and hair grips. Some professionals however, may ask you to purchase your own foundation and hair accessories. To avoid surprises on your big day, ensure your artist provides you with a list of anything you will need to purchase before hand so you are organised and prepared on the morning of your wedding.

What tips can you give me for any touch ups?
If your budget doesn’t allow you to keep your make up artist around for the whole day, ask if she or he will be able to give you a quick crash course on touching up your own make up when they are not around.

Are you experienced with bridal wear dressing?
If you’re opting to wear a veil for your civil or need help getting ready for your Indian ceremony you need to hire someone who is comfortable with bridal wear dressing. We have witnessed far too many brides who have ended up ruining a gorgeous outfit just because the pleats are folded incorrectly or their veil has not been fastened securely. So, when you go for your trial, make sure you take your outfit with you for a practice run to make sure you are happy with how everything will sit.

Do you have any other commitments on my wedding day?
Some hair and make up artists will take on other events alongside your wedding day. This should not have an effect on your day as long as you plan your schedule to fit in with their commitments. Be realistic about travel times and how long you will need to get ready without having to rush.

What is your contingency plan if you get sick or suddenly cannot make it?
This is probably the last thing you will want to hear on the morning of your wedding, but unfortunately it does happen from time to time. Ask if she or he will have a backup person on hand should anything go wrong.

Confirmation and payment details
Make sure you’re clear on their confirmation and payment structure. Ask how much the deposit will be and when the final balance will be due. Most artists will take final payment during the wedding day so be prepared to have cash with you or assign this job to your bridesmaid so you do not have to worry if the final payment has been made or not.

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