#SuitUp: A Groom’s Guide To Wedding Day Dressing

When it comes to wedding day-dressing everyone thinks the groom has it easy, but we totally know that’s not the case. Everything from the cut, colour, size and style of your look needs to be taken into consideration before you make a purchase. Whether you’re looking for a top hat or a classic tuxedo, there really is so much to think about. But, nothing makes a girl go weak at her knees like a man in a suit, so make sure you suit up well!

Luckily we are here to give you some useful tips for that all-important decision. Whether it’s finding the perfect shirt, cufflinks or socks, we’ve got your back and have things  covered from top to toe. Here is our ultimate groom’s wedding day attire guide, which if adhered to, will certainly impress your bride-to-be.

The suit
First thing’s first, when you start to think about your wedding day attire your suit will probably come out on top. Over the years men’s fashion has changed from going for loose fitted styles, to more slim fit and tailored look. However, remember this won’t suit everyone, so make sure you work with your own build to achieve the best fit. If you’re looking for something you can wear again then go for a timeless grey or navy suit. Multiple wear means you can afford to splash the cash and get something extra special. If you’re looking for something more traditional with tails and tops then renting your suit will be more economical as you probably won’t be wearing it again.

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For a more modern twist opting for separates is the perfect choice. This is a great way to stand out and is great for the more style savvy groom. You can work with a waistcoat or blazer that you adore and pair it with contrasting trousers. Whether you decide to add stripes, checks or clashes of colours, just play around with it and have fun. The choice is all yours no matter how bold or subtle you would like to go.

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The shirt
We speak for all the ladies out there when we say that your shirt must be neatly pressed and fitted correctly to impress. Depending on the style of the wedding day, why not opt for an effortless white shirt with an opened or buttoned-up collar? No one says it has to be white. You can even choose from stripes or prints to reflect your own personal style.  If you’re accident-prone then always have a backup just in case.

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The cufflinks
This is the most essential part of a man’s formal dressing and also a fantastic way to show-off your personality. The choices here are truly endless. You can be fun and quirky, smart and sophisticated or even more vintage and chic. Whether you opt for classic shiny silver pins or a pair that have been handed down from generation to generation, try and go with something that reflects who you are.

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The jacket
There’s so much detail to consider when choosing your blazer to make sure it’s perfect. Start off by thinking about your vents; the openings at the back of a blazer. If you want a freer fitted blazer that will work in your favour when you’re on the dancefloor, then opt for double-sided vents to give you a little more room to move about. If you want a slimmer fit then choose a ventless jacket for the ultimate tailored look.

To add height you should opt for a deeper V jacket that will elongate your torso, or for taller men choose a three-button jacket to look your best. For a more modern and stylish look opt for a shorter and more fitted sleeve that will show off a little bit of your cuff.

The waist is also one of the most important aspects for the overall fit. Make sure it is nipped in – this will not only give you stronger shoulders but will give you the lean look. Just remember, every blazer will work differently for different builds, so do your research beforehand to make sure you don’t go wrong.

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The waistcoat
Waistcoats are great for grooms that are getting married in a hot destination. While you can wear this as part of a three-piece suit, opt for a contrasting material and colour to compliment the entire suit. Make sure your waistcoat is long enough so that it covers your shirt but short enough so it sits just over your belt and opt for a tapered cut. Also make sure you leave enough breathing space so you’re comfortable all day.

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The trousers
As with your shirt and jacket, picking the right pair of trousers to suit your fit is so important. Some may prefer a more slim fitted leg while others may opt for a flat front cut to achieve a more modern look. Your trousers should sit perfectly above your shoes and not be bunched up around your ankles, so when you go for your fitting remember to take your chosen wedding day shoes to make sure the length is right (especially if you’re looking to go for a cuffed trouser).

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The tie
When it comes to the tie, your options are endless. When looking at the material and colour, make sure you coordinate your tie with the rest of your suit or if you like, you can even coordinate this with the groomsmen and bridesmaids.

If you want something a little different to show off your personality, then go for a bow tie or a cravat. Some may think these are slightly geeky, but they really are all kinds of cool. When it comes to bow ties, you can purchase these in three ways; pre-tied, self-tied or clip-ons. There are benefits to them all, but while a pre-tied will look neater, a self-tied will look great open by the end of the night when you’re on the dance floor.

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If you want to achieve a more 1900s traditional look – Ascots, as they are also known, are a great way to charm your lady. Go for a rich silk scarf in a luxurious tone or a classic pattern. Even though there are many ways to wear a cravat, make sure it is tucked under your shirt for a chic look.

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The casual look
If your bride has organised a more informal affair for your wedding, the casual trend is for you. It has become increasingly popular over the past couple of years and you can choose from smart jeans or chinos and pair them with classic Converse trainers. But be sure to add some formal touches with a chic blazer, suspenders or even a bow tie. This will create a contrasting look achieving the ultimate smart casual trend. Make sure you check with your partner though, to make sure it is appropriate for the style and theme of the entire day before making the purchase.

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The shoes
When it comes to the shoes your options will be never ending. Depending on the style you want to achieve, opt for boots or Toms for the casual look or go for classic brogues for a more formal finish. For the colour of your shoes, let the rest of your suit do the hard work for you. As a general rule wear black shoes with a black suit and brown shoes if you want to wear navy. Grey suits will work well with either colour, but if it is a lighter grey make sure you go for a lighter shade for your feet. Try and break into the shoes ahead of your wedding day to avoid cuts and blisters so you can dance the night away with your bride without worrying about your feet.

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The socks
Here’s another chance for you to show off your character. Have a little fun with this but make sure they are a matching pair. Odd socks are NEVER cool. Think about your groomsmen and decide on something meaningful to you, whether it is your favourite football team or super hero or you might even get luck and receive a personalised pair from your bride. The choice is yours.

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Buttonholes and pocket squares
It’s all about those final touches that will bring the whole attire together. A bespoke buttonhole will make people see that you are the most important man in the room. Match you buttonhole with the rest of the wedding theme, whether it’s details from the bride’s bouquet or colours from the table centres. While flowers are the more traditional option, feathers and foliage integrated have become increasingly popular. Whatever your choice, remember to wait until the last moment to fasten your buttonhole to keep it looking as fresh as possible for the ceremony and photographers.

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If you want to go one step further and look undoubtedly slick and effortless then add a pocket square. This is a great way to add colour and finish off your suit in the most stylish manner. Speak to a professional about folding your pocket square the correct way and practice until the day of the wedding. If you want a vintage look then opt for a precise presidential fold but a pointed fold to show of your pocket square folding skills. For a flamboyant finish to match you personality master the puffed fold.

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