10 Reasons Why You Should Opt For A Destination Wedding

Beach WeddingDestination Wedding. These two words alone are enough to get us feeling over excited. You see, we LOVE weddings which is why we’re in this business. But, do you know what we love more than a regular wedding? (Although we can’t call any Carriages wedding regular because they’re all so personal and unique)! We SUPER LOVE a good destination wedding, because it just takes the celebration to a whole new level. If you’ve been lucky enough to attend one, then you’ll know exactly what we mean.

We’ve organised weddings in the picturesque Canadian mountains and in the city of regal romance – Udaipur, and the one thing that connects every wedding abroad we’ve been a part of, is the huge smile not only on the bride and groom’s face, but on every single person in attendance.

If you’re still not sure whether it’s for you or not, then here are a few factors that will hopefully help you make up your mind:


1. Limit your guest list
If you come from an Indian family, or you’re marrying into one, then you’ll know the guest list is practically never ending. You’ll suddenly find names of aunties and uncles appearing who you never even knew existed! But, the great thing about getting married abroad is that you have an excuse to limit your list to a select few. Gone are the names of your nosy neighbours or your partner’s creepy work colleagues and in are the names of your nearest and dearest only.

2. Enjoy time with your loved ones
It’s not often you get to holiday with your loved ones as a group so enjoy every moment of it. Typically, if you’re wedding is back home then even though you may enjoy one or two evenings with the family (or if you hire a hotel then a weekend away) being abroad means everyone has so much more time on their hands to explore the city, to shop, or to just sit around the pool and sip cocktails together.

3. Help your guests get a cheaper holiday
A destination wedding is the perfect excuse for family members to take a holiday. If they’re already paying for flights they may as well utilize the money well and discover the area. Room rates are also almost always cheaper for wedding parties, so if anyone does decide to stay on in the area, the lower rate will still be offered. You can sometimes get a 5* all-inclusive at a third of the price.

4. Ensure everyone gets to know each other
Indian weddings aren’t just about two people getting married, it’s all about the joining of two families. While you may have met everyone, your best friend, sister or cousins may not have. It’s the perfect opportunity for everyone to get to know each other and for you to make any introductions before the big day itself, ensuring everyone feels a lot more relaxed.

5. Get some amazing photos snapped
If you do choose to get married abroad, then oh my god, everyone is going to be so jealous of your pictures. There’s no doubt that if you are flying out of the country you’ll be choosing somewhere beautiful; the beach, the mountains, or even the rainforest in some cases all make great backdrops. And we’re not just talking your wedding day pictures, you’re going to have a whole album of amazing moments – and for couples that are out for longer, they can even take advantage of a pre wedding shoot.

6. Save money on the celebrations
Depending on the time of the month you get married and the destination you choose, you could actually end up saving money. In some countries your money will go a lot further, and if you go down the route of a wedding planner, he or she should also be able to save you quite a bit of money and suggest any savings where they can be made. Look for a company that has experience in destination weddings or has local contacts.

7. Celebrate for a whole week (or a month!)
Indian weddings tend to last for at least a few days so that’s a week gone already, but if you go abroad, especially to a place like India then it’ll feel as if you’re celebrating for a whole month. You can turn everything into a celebration from shopping and food tastings, to family visits and make up trials. Enjoy this time and make the most of it as it won’t come back.

8. Get an extended honeymoon
Well who’s not going to want this. If you get married abroad then your honeymoon starts from the moment you get there. Whether you choose to stay on in the area or fly somewhere else, you’ll already be feeling so relaxed and happy that nothing will faze you. If you have a planner on hand, then let’s face it, all you need to do is turn up on the day looking absolutely gorgeous.

9. Enjoy the rare moment where everyone is happy
It’s hard to believe, but pretty much everyone is happy when they’re on holiday which means actually, everyone should be happy on your wedding day. Even the odd interfering aunty will be so taken in by the surroundings and the weather and the food, that she won’t have the heart to complain about anything. And if someone happens to moan, (which should be around 98 per cent unlikely), you won’t even care because you’ll be in holiday mode yourself.

10. Focus on the love
You’ll have everyone waiting on you hand and foot from the hotel staff, to your family members which means it’s the perfect time to focus on you and your relationship with your partner. Enjoy the romance. The courting phase is one of the nicest phases of a relationship. But also don’t forget to share special moments with the other special people in your life like your siblings, parents and besties.



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