10 Ways To Avoid Being A Bridezilla

Written by Carriages Weddings & Events For Eastern Eye Newspaper
(published on October 14th)

wedding planning guideYou’ve probably been planning your wedding day since forever, so we completely understand that you want every final detail ironed out to perfection. However, there is a fine line between being a perfectionist and falling into the dark, dreaded category often referred to as ‘bridezilla’.

All it takes is a little bit of consideration on everyone’s part and you can hopefully breeze through wedding planning (without irritating your nearest and dearest).

1. Remind yourself what your wedding is about
Weddings are great, we love them. But don’t over indulge in wedding planning to such an extent that you forget why you’re tying the knot in the first place. Think about the marriage that will follow the wedding, and ensure you don’t start things off on a bad note with your partner or your in-laws.

2. Understand that your wedding is not a competition
Some brides (and grooms) get caught up in trying to prove a point to family and friends and end up doing things just for show. If you do this you’ll end up tying yourself up in knots and let’s not even get started on the budget. Your wedding is about you and your partner and if you make it personal, you’ll find your guests will be equally as impressed.

3. Don’t ignore other people’s opinions
While we don’t advise that you listen to every aunty or friend who has something to say, you should at least consider listening to wedding advice from your close circle. Some will have already planned a wedding and will therefore have the advantage of hindsight on their side, whilst others will simply have an objective view of the day, as they won’t be as emotionally invested in it as you.

4. Let the groom have a say
One of the worst things you can do is to not let your groom have a say. After all, it’s his wedding too! If you don’t think he has the best taste in décor for example, then perhaps let him decide on your signature cocktail for the evening or the music band. Marriage is a 50:50 partnership and it all starts with the wedding.

5. Know that it’s okay to ask for help
If you try and take charge of every little detail then you will end up stressing yourself out unnecessarily and snapping at everyone. Don’t feel bad to ask for help – to be honest, people are always eager to help with weddings but sometimes end up taking a step back because they don’t want to tread on the bride’s toes.

6. Hire a wedding planner
One of the most useful pieces of advice we can give you is to think about hiring a wedding planner from the moment you get engaged. Don’t wait until you’ve finalised half of your supploers, as he or she will often have some very useful advice from the word go. It also means there will be someone on hand to share the workload, stress and excitement with.

7. Be willing to compromise
While traditionally it’s often said that the wedding is all about the bride, it’s important to note that the day is actually also about the guests who will be attending. Sometimes, it’s important to take a step back and not just think about what you want, but what will be practical and enjoyed by all the people who will be in attendance.

8. Plan according to a realistic budget
There’s no reason why you can’t have a truly amazing wedding on a lower budget – you just have to plan carefully from the start. For more information on managing your wedding budget, visit our website (carriagesevents.co.uk) and download our FREE Wedding Budget Management Guide.

9. Take time out from wedding planning
Don’t make your wedding the topic of every conversation. When you’re out with friends and family, ask what they’ve been up to and how their lives are. If you constantly end up talking about your wedding, they may get a little tired and try to avoid spending as much time with you.
10. Get someone you trust to keep you in check
You will have your own trusted bridal brigade; be it your mum, best friend or sister, make sure you tell some one to keep you in check in case you start showing signs of behaving like a bridezilla, so they can give you a stern talking to.

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