5 Alternative Groom Entrance Ideas To Ensure Your Baraat Arrives With A Bang

We see it all the time; grooms spend months helping the bride with planning the wedding and ironing out all the final details, but when it comes to organising their own entrance, they either seem to leave this to chance, or go with something generic. While we love a good dhol player (we work with lots of brilliant dhol players ourselves by the way) we would like to use this post to encourage all the grooms out there and their families to think outside the box and come up with something that will really wow the in-laws. After all, you want to ensure you come out on top when it comes to creativity, right?

Here are five different ideas for you to consider and while some of these are quite simple, others are a little more eccentric for those of you who dare to be different.

Band Bajaa
wedding entrance ideas
Ok, so this option is perhaps the easiest to incorporate on the day. If you’ve ever been to a wedding in India or seen a wedding take place in a Bollywood film, you’ll know that no wedding is complete without a brass band. The beauty of having some live instrumentalists to accompany your baraat is that you can practically request any song on the spot be it Beyoncé or Batameez Dil. Did we mention this will also get everyone in the mood to dance?

Ride In Style
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If you’re a groom who isn’t afraid of getting a little hands on ahead of the wedding ceremony then you should definitely consider hiring an alternative ride to the mandap. Opt for an elephant if you’re looking for grand and exotic or a horse if you want to feel like a knight in shining armour. Make sure your choice reflects both your outfit and the venue and then simply smile as your photographer is about to get some amazing pictures.

Disco Deewane
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Are you the kind of family that absolutely loves a good boogie? If so, you should definitely surprise the bridal brigade with a choregraphed routine with the groom being the leading hero of course. Think ‘Tenu Leke’ from Salaame Ishq and we promise people will be talking about your entry for years to come. You can either hire a professional Bollywood choreographer or if you have a mini Farah Khan in the house, let her do the job free of cost for you.

Horn OK Please

wedding entrance ideasWe admit this idea may be a little out there, but weddings are all the more memorable when you’re having a good time are they not? And your baraat will love you for giving them the opportunity to party away before they even step inside. Find yourself a rustic Indian lorry (you know the Horn OK Please type) with a roofless rear so your entire group can stand up in one place and dance as you drive in. If you’ve got a pair of cordless speakers all the more better – go ahead, blast your favourite tunes and bring the whole event to life.

Create A Circus
wedding party entrance ideas
The main attraction of the day is obviously the bride and groom but everyone likes to show off a little with their entrance. If the venue allows then maybe look to hire a few entertainers to join your wedding baraat to add some extra excitement. You can opt for acrobats, jugglers, or unicyclists… and if you’re willing your even attempt an act yourself.

If you’re looking for more creative ideas for your special day then contact a member of our team at enquiries@carriagesevents.co.uk.

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