5 Key Wedding Planning Mistakes You Might Be Making

Whether you’ve recently got engaged or have been planning your wedding for the past four months or more, our list of wedding planning mistakes is something most couples will be able to relate to at some point in their wedding planning journey. While we’re always happy to advise clients on ways to rectify their mistakes, we believe the key to planning a successful event is to ensure you eliminate these mistakes altogether. So, for those of you who are just getting underway with it all, please take note:

1. Not being honest with your suppliers
For some strange reason many couples feel like they lose the ‘upper hand’ if they reveal their true wedding intentions to their suppliers. First of all let us be clear; there is no upper hand when it comes to wedding planning. You will be working in conjunction with your suppliers and vice versa. Secondly, not being honest and upfront results in a lot of wasted time as you end up going back and forth unnecessarily. And finally, even though most suppliers will maintain a certain level of professionalism, they will certainly lose a sense of respect for you as a client should they find out you’ve been telling them a pack of lies.

2. Not being clear about your budget
This is something we’ve mentioned in previous posts as it’s such an important factor. You need to be very open about how much you are willing to spend on an item or service or else you will end up going round in circles. There’s really no point in looking at things that cost more than your maximum budget unless you know you have a monetary buffer. Remember it’s absolutely possible to arrange a great wedding on even the most moderate budget, however you need to be open to making a few compromises.

3. Not hiring a wedding planner from the start
One of the most valuable expenditures throughout your wedding planning journey will be your planner. Your planner will guide you through the process, or take complete charge if you would like him or her too. They will probably know more about your big day than you and will be your eyes and ears on the day. The problem with hiring a planner after you’ve started booking suppliers is that you may have missed certain crucial logistical or financial factors which could have an impact on your big day. At Carriages we give all our clients a Confirmation Pack which lists important details and questions that need to be asked to suppliers, so even if we’re not present at a meeting, the couple will know what to do.

4. Not being able to compromise
Let’s be clear; no one has an unlimited amount of money to spend on their wedding – not even the wealthiest of couples. No matter what your budget, you will have to compromise somewhere and this is something you should be well aware of before you even start planning. The compromises you will have to make won’t just be financial, there will be times when you will disagree with your partner or your parents about certain items and it’s important you understand which battles to pick and which to let go in order to ensure everyone is happy.

5. Not thinking about logistics
While it’s important to think about your décor, stationery and food, the one thing most people forget to think about is the logistics. Yes this is the boring part but it is also the part that will make or break your event. Things like floor plans, holding spaces for your guests and kitchen access are all things you need to factor in as it’s these details that determine whether you host an okay event or a really great event.

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