5 Things An Indian Groom MUST Do Before His Wedding Day

You might think weddings are stressful for the bride, but they’re equally as stressful for the groom. The modern day groom has many things to take care of ahead of his big day
to ensure he not only looks great, but he feels great too. So, if you’re tying the knot soon, be sure to read our checklist to ensure you’re well and truly ready for your special day.

Kal Ho Na ho

1. Get a pedicure
If you’re the type of guy who is practically allergic to walking into any sort of beauty salon or spa you’re probably thinking what?! But you see, the moment you take off your shoes and walk into the mandap you’re going to be barefoot. There are specific rituals that involve your feet (like the washing of them) so when the photographer is taking his shots you want to ensure your feet are looking their best.

2. Iron your outfit
You might think this is an obvious point, but we’ve seen plenty of grooms running around hours before their wedding day to get their shirt or outfit ironed. Don’t let this be you! There’s nothing worse than not having your outfit ready to go, or worse, trusting an amateur with it. We recommend you a pay a little extra and get this done professionally to ensure you are looking your very best. People will be looking at you from every angle as you walk in with your baraat – no pressure!

3. Have a mini emergency kit ready
If you have a wedding planner then this is easily assigned to him or her. Ensure you travel with any emergency medication, a comb, handkerchief, deodrant and some wet wipes. You are going to need these things throughout the day and with the best man probably not having enough room in his pocket for it all, your wedding planner is a good choice as they will probably have a place to keep all your on-the-day essentials.

4. Choose a second in command
You may have been directly liaising with all the wedding suppliers (or if you’re lucky just the one planner) ahead of the day, but you need to introduce your second in command to your key people so he or she can liaise with them on the wedding day. It’s unlikely your planner will need to ask them anything, but there should be someone just in case – especially if there is a family emergency. Please note your second in command should not be the person sitting next to you in the mandap and ideally not on your top table.

5. Surprise your bride
If you really want to be the groom of her dreams then leave your bride a little present or a note ahead of the day. If you’re both staying in a hotel the night before you can ask someone to pop it in her room, or if you’re staying at your respective houses then pass it on to a member of her family. Your special gift will make her feel loved and extra special first thing in the morning and she won’t be able to contain her excitement about walking down the aisle and marrying you.

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