5 Things No One Tells You About Planning An Indian Wedding

indian wedding planning
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Planning a wedding is not an easy task. Planning an Indian wedding is a whole other challenge. There is so much to enjoy and learn through the process. Some of you will absolutely love it, others will perhaps dread the idea of talking weddings. Either way here’s a quick warning about what’s to come:

1. You will over use the word ‘classy’
As soon as a wedding supplier asks what sort of theme or look you want to go ahead with, chances are the word classy will just spill out of your mouth before you know it. Unless brides and grooms have got something very specific in mind this is what they’ll end up saying, and unfortunately, it helps no one. What’s classy to you might not be classy for someone else, so if we can give you one piece of advice, then it would be to back up your ideas with some photos. Search the Internet – there’s so much free material out there and it will help your suppliers make sense of what you actually want.

2. Everyone will have an opinion
Sadly this is true. Whether it’s your mum, sister, bridesmaids or next door neighbor, everyone will think they know best and will offer their words of wisdom. While this is great in some instances, especially about things you have no clue about, sometimes it can just be a hindrance. You’re never going to be able to please everyone so when trying to make a decision about something, think about the majority of your guests and what they’d prefer. Also, never ask for advice unless you mean to actually make use of it. There’s nothing worse than an aunty giving you daggers at a wedding reception for going completely against what she had to say.

3. You will have a breakdown at some point
You might be super organised and efficient and believe you’ve got it all figured out, but at some point during your wedding planning journey something will go wrong and you will most likely end up throwing a tantrum or bursting into a set of tears. It could be over something as trivial as the colour of your table napkins (although let’s be honest everything is important when it comes to wedding planning). Just know that it’s okay to take some time out and have a little cry if you need to. You don’t want all that emotion bubbling up inside of you ahead of your big day.

4. Your wedding planner will become your best friend
Whether you do it consciously or not, once you set a date you will automatically find yourself talking about wedding planning most of the time. While your friends and family might find it entertaining and sweet for a while, if you’re spending a whole year planning they aren’t going to want to hear about the details everytime you meet. Someone who is always open to hear you talking about your plans however, is your wedding planner. He or she will not only listen, but will be enthusiastic because he or she is probably the only other person who is as excited about your wedding as you!

5. Wedding suppliers are tougher to pin down than you thought
You might have managed to get the venue of your dreams for your ideal wedding date but the next step is to start booking in all the other suppliers. Most couples seem to forget that there are a whole bunch of other couples planning their wedding at the same time and they are all going to want quality suppliers at a reasonable rate. So, if you are also looking for this then finding a supplier you like, who is available on your date is going to be hard – unless you book in advance. Don’t leave it till the last minute or look to compare a dozen different ones if you already know who you like as you’re wasting your own time and theirs.

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