8 Common Wedding Styling Errors To Avoid

wedding themesNot everyone is born to plan events. We’re all good at different things, which is why there are certain professionals (like us) who specialise in wedding planning. If however you’re eager to take on the mammoth task of taking full charge of your wedding then go you! Just try and not fall into the trap that too many couples (too often) fall into.

During our time as wedding guests we’ve encountered so many styling faux pas that we’ve lost count. Here are a few traps we advise you stay away from:

1. Over filling the hall
One of the biggest issues with Asian weddings is the numbers. Let’s face it, we all have huge families and even if we try and downsize we’re still looking at over the 250 people mark on average. It can be difficult if you’ve fallen in love with a venue but the capacity is too tight. DO NOT fall in to the trap of thinking it will be fine if you squeeze in a few extra guests.

On the contrary, you should try and avoid filling the hall to full capacity because more often than not, it will mean there won’t be enough space between tables or as much space in the room generally because venues are also inclined to squeeze in as many people as they can to increase revenue. You want your guests to walk into a nice and airy room, not something that’s over cluttered which makes them feel claustrophobic.

2. Under or overestimating the size of centrepieces
There’s no denying that centrepieces are expensive, but they are also one of the most important aspects of your décor. Your centrepieces will create that wow factor for your guests as soon as they walk in to the room. Florals and candles are always popular choices and certainly get the thumbs up from us because they add a touch of elegance to any event. However, you need to think carefully about the size and height of your centrepieces.

If you go too small then it will sink into the table and be barely visible, making it a waste of money, but go too big and it could end up taking over the whole table making your guests feel rather uncomfortable – especially if they can’t see the other guests on their table or what else is happening inside the room. Think carefully about the colours and textures too.

3. Not thinking carefully about lighting
Lighting is absolutely key when organising an event. Not only does it obviously provide illumination, but it adds to the décor and also helps create a certain ambience which is in keeping with your theme. If you’re going for sophisticated and classy then dot plenty of candles around the room. Check with your venue to ensure they can be lit first, because honestly, the LED versions just do not have the same effect.

Other types of lighting that’s often used at weddings are pin spots, colour washes, gobos or more vintage touches like fairy lights. When you’re deciding on lighting be very careful about picking colours. Don’t go crazy with colour as it can end up giving your guests a headache. Also think about what you’ve instructed the DJ to bring along with his kit. Remember, you’re not inviting people to a club – it’s a wedding reception and there’s a very big difference between the two.

4. Not being creative with the food
This is definitely one of the most important aspects of any wedding and it pains us to see so many couples just going with the norm and not thinking outside the box. Even if you’re going with a traditional Gujarati or Punjabi thali for your wedding or reception you can still spice things up a little. Does your food have a variety of different colours and flavours? Think about how and who will be serving the food, is there a way you can give your guests a better well-rounded experience?

When it comes to things like drinks stations and dessert buffets there are plenty of things you can do to excite your guests. Think of some fun names for your drinks or when it comes desserts, can you create more of a showpiece? Think about signage and the finer details – which leads us nicely to point number 5.

5. Skipping over the finer details
When you’re spending tens of thousands of pounds on your event(s) don’t fall at the last hurdle and skip on the most important thing of all – the finer details that will bring everything together. Sure it may cost you anything between £500 to £3,000 for the tiny touches but these are the things that your guests are going to remember.

When we talk about the finer details it’s things like your seating plan, guestbook, menu cards, place cards, favours, key signage for food and drinks and other quirky little items that show you’ve really thought carefully about your event. You can even have personalised napkins or coasters at the bar – it just depends on how far you want to go. But believe us when we say, these are the things your guests are going to be talking about because it’s what’s most visible to them on the night (or during the day).

6. Buying things without a plan
The best events are those that are well planned. Such events will not only leave your guests impressed, but good organisation skills mean you could end up saving a bit of money too (which is what everyone wants at the end of the day right?).If you start off your wedding planning blindly by ticking off suppliers and products one by one without a clear theme or vision in mind, then first of all, your event may end up looking like a mess, and secondly, you’re missing out on an opportunity to save money.

Many venues and wedding planners will be able to negotiate a preferential rate for you with some of their existing suppliers and this is something you should definitely take advantage of. Just remember if you are hiring a wedding planner then not only will you be saving money, but you will be getting an experienced professional who is able to pass on useful advice to ensure your day ends up being the best it can be.

7. Going for the cheapest option
We get that weddings are an expensive affair, and of course you want to save money wherever you can (we save our clients plenty of money by sometimes advising them against splashing out on unnecessary items and using the money more wisely). But, some places where you simply can’t skip the money is with things like linen, chair covers and sashes – if you’re having them. There will be companies who will be able to offer you them at a reduced rate but you get what you pay for at the end of the day and just remember, this is the first thing your guests will be seeing as they enter the room. If the quality is not up to the mark then they will know.

Secondly, ensure that you have quality service at your wedding or reception and the cutlery and crockery on the table is on point. A great selection of cutlery can really make your event look special on it’s own. If for example you’re happy to fork out on some nice looking china, you may end up having to spend less on your centrepieces because this will assist with your décor too.

8. Going over the top
In complete contrast to the point above where couples will often look to save money by going for cheap alternatives, there are those couples who may feel like splashing the cash is the best way to create a memorable event. While your cash can get you half way there, you really need to tie this in with an overall theme or style instead of opting for over the top décor or gestures to impress your guests.

There’s nothing worse than a room filled with clashing items that would ordinarily impress, but have the charm wiped off because they’re placed in a setting that just doesn’t work. An event stylist will certainly be able to help you with this, so consider consulting one before you part with your hard earned money.

If you’re looking for some expert advice with your styling or theming or would like to check out our exclusive luxury décor range, then get in touch with a member of our team at enquiries@carriagesevents.co.uk or call 0116 268 8804

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