8 Hidden Wedding Costs You Should Know About

wedding costsOne of the first things our clients thank us for both during and after their wedding celebrations, is for helping them to keep their costs down. We are sticklers for a budget and ensure that our brides and grooms are not only getting the best deal around, but are getting the best quality and the highest level of service while saving money at the same time. We have had instances where our fees alone have been paid through the savings made, so rest assured because we’ll make sure every pound of yours goes as far as possible.

There are always hidden costs which crop up during a wedding and sadly not every supplier out there will be so forthcoming to make sure you are aware of them. While our Carriages’ couples get full access to all of our hints and tips, we thought we’d share a few with you too.

1. Stamps
You may have 20 invites or 200 but you’ll need to take postage costs into consideration because stamps are not cheap. Particularly, if you are also offering your guests a stamped RSVP envelope so they can return their card to you. Many South Asian families also have a custom to hand deliver invites to close family which means you will also need to think about your travel costs.

2. Corkage fees
If you’re going to be taking drinks to your venue for your event then you will be charged a corkage fee. This can range from around £200 for soft drinks to in excess of £1,000 if you’re also supplying alcoholic drinks and spirits. If you’re having a cash bar that’s fine too, but think about whether or not you want to limit the spend on the night.

3. Transportation
Many of your guests may be coming in from out of town or will have had a drink during the evening so they may require transportation. It’s a personal choice as to whether or not you fork the bill for this, however, if you will be doing so then you should know that it’s going to cost you dearly. And don’t forget to think about your own arrival and departure transport that you may need to organise.

4. Alterations
You will have probably purchased your dress or suit well in advance of the wedding day – most brides and grooms do. But the problem with doing so, is that there will often need to be some alterations made to your outfit before the big day. You may lost a few pounds to reach your target wedding weight which means you’re going to need a fantastic tailor – and they don’t come cheap.

5. Accommodation
Is your wedding taking place out of town? If so, your guests will probably want to stay nearby the night of the wedding reception or even the night before if there is an early start. It is often custom for family members to foot the bill for hotel rooms for some of their closest family members who have traveled from oversea particular, so remember to factor in this cost when you’re looking at venues. Try and negotiate special discounts before you book, as there’s nothing you can do once you’ve signed on the dotted line.

6. Overtime
The pricing structure at all venues is different and one of the ways people often get caught is if their hire is limited to a specific time frame (without any flexibility). If you go over your cut off point then you may be charged an outrageous amount for every hour you go over. You will want to check this beforehand and also confirm whether the hall needs to be vacant at this time or whether it’s simply the time when your guests need to leave so your suppliers can start dismantling their equipment.

7. Table items
You are going to need some basics throughout the day like stands for your table numbers or an easel to pop your seating plan on. Check to see if the venue, the décor company or the caterer have these and if they’re able to throw them in free of charge. If not, there’s another cost to factor in no matter how small it might be.

8. Serving staff
This can be one of your biggest expenditures on the night, especially if you’re going to have table service. When you’re getting a quote from your caterer make sure it includes the sufficient number of staff you will need. You may need extra if you are also taking full control of the bar and having any separate drinks or food stations.

These are a few things that should hopefully come in handy if you’re in the middle of planning your wedding. For more information or to find out how we can help contact a member of our team at enquiries@carriagesevents.co.uk or call 0116 268 8804.


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