8 Reasons Why We Love Marquee Weddings

marquee weddingIf you’re looking to get married in a beautiful stately home, you may find there simply isn’t enough room inside the house to cater for your numbers, and so, you’ll most likely have to resort to having part of your celebrations in a marquee outside.

While some people see this as a limitation, we see it as a great opportunity. Opting to have your wedding in a marquee means you can literally design your event from scratch. At Carriages, we always say if you find a site where there’s room to put up your own structure then make sure you opt for this. We often find that there is limited flexibility when it comes to working with permanent fixed marquees, because you have to work with whatever you have (so it’s always best to avoid this if you can).

With the right marquee provider and some clever styling (from people like us) you can execute any theme within your bespoke marquee. Whether you like big, bold and beautiful or want to wow your guests with some rustic country charm, the world is your oyster.

1. Bespoke design
You can choose EVERYTHING. The size, colour, flooring, furniture and so on to ensure your marquee is exactly as you wish. Yes the cost factor does come into play here, but the point is, if you’re having a marquee put up then you make all the decisions. Whether you want the sides to be rolled up, rolled down, or taken out, it’s all possible.

2. High quality
One of the biggest benefits of a brand new marquee is knowing that it will be fresh, clean and good quality. You won’t come across any damp smells or worn out flooring (which can often be the case with permanent marquee structures) because everything will be sparkling new.

3. Stress free
If you’re having a small intimate ceremony in a ballroom for example where there are plenty of precious ornaments you can’t risk damaging, you’ll probably want a space where you and your guests can just let your hair down without any stress. A marquee is the perfect place to do this.

4. Large numbers
An Indian wedding ceremony is generally a big affair. You’re still looking at an average of around 300 people and this number can literally double in size for larger families. So, if you’re looking for a space that can cater for large numbers then a marquee is going to be ideal for you as it is generally built to any size of your choice, meaning you don’t have to worry about trying to cross any extra friends and family members off the guest list.

5. Bring the outside inside
If it’s a beautiful day then with the right marquee design, you can actually have all of your sides open allowing guests to take in the gorgeous surroundings. While the top will be covered, your guests will actually have the illusion of attending an outdoor ceremony, which is high up the priority list for many couples.

6. External view
If you’re worried the outside of your marquee is going to look unpleasant then fear not. Long gone are the days of plastic marquee exteriors. In fact, you can be creative and opt for a glass window frame, pagoda or even tipi style marquee if you’re more daring. Trust us when we say you will be so spoilt for choice.

7. Easy access for the caterers
A lot of caterers we work with have actually told us they prefer working from a catering tent as it gives them the flexibility to set up their working space exactly how they like it, rather than having to find their way around someone else’s kitchen. Your marquee will generally come with an external catering tent which means it’s a win-win all round.

8. Weather resistant
If there’s one thing we cannot control during a wedding ceremony then it is the weather! However, with a marquee you can be rest assured that no matter what the weather conditions you will be safe inside. If it’s a great day then please see point 5. If it’s not such a great day then you will be warm and secure indoors with plenty of heating if need be. In fact, the beauty of the marquee is that with the right lighting and temperature control equipment, you can create the illusion of any season you want.

For further information or advice on organising your own marquee wedding, get in touch with a member of our team at enquiries@carriagesevents.co.uk

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