8 Ways To Save Money On Your Destination Wedding

planning a destination weddingGetting married is by no means a cheap affair and if you’re planning on having a destination wedding, then costs can rocket sky high if you’re not careful.

We’re not saying destination weddings are a bad choice, in fact we absolutely LOVE weddings abroad, and if you’ve not quite made up your mind about whether or not it’s for you, then be sure to give our 10 Reasons Why You Should Opt For A Destination Wedding post a read.

In the meantime, here’s some useful advice for how you can save money on your big day:

 1. Decor
If you’re heading to an exotic location to tie the knot then use this to your advantage and surround your big day with local elements. There’s no point heading out to Bali and trying to be British, or getting married in Europe and expecting it to be a big indian affair. If you incorporate local elements into your day then not only will it look more natural, but you won’t be forking out a fortune trying to import other goods.

 2. Location
Travelling to a foreign location can really add up. You need to think about your own costs and those of your guests. For example, try and pick a location which you can get to with one simple direct flight, instead of having to purchase additional internal connecting flights. Think about how far your venue is from the airport and if there is any public transportation nearby. If not, either you or your guests will be spending a lot of money on private taxis.

 3. Exclusivity
While it is always nice in theory to have complete private access to a venue, this just may not be financially feasible. Some couples will choose to pay for their guests’ accommodation, while others will make a request for guests to purchase their own, however either way, you need to ensure you add up everything correctly before you make a commitment with the venue you can’t keep.

Some hotels abroad may simply require a minimum number of rooms to be booked in order for you to have an event there, so instead of booking out the whole venue, consider a partial buy out of a selected space which will be exclusive for you and your guests.

4. Go Off Peak
Perhaps the most obvious cost-saving tip of the lot; if you decide to get married during the off-peak season then of course the price will be a lot cheaper. In fact, the cost of all other suppliers will be considerably lower as well. However, do some thorough research as there’s nothing worse than booking a wedding during the middle of rainy season.

5. Local suppliers
Try and source local suppliers wherever possible. Sometimes the cost of flying people out to a location and paying for their food and accommodation on top actually outweighs the cost of their services, and so it tends to be a little pointless. Local suppliers will also be able to advise you on local conditions and traditions which may actually prove to be helpful on the day. For example, a photographer who is already well acquainted with the area will know exactly where to get all the right shots.

 6. Hire A Wedding Planner
This is really one of the first things you should be doing if you are looking to get married abroad due to the complicated logistics and different time zones involved. If you’re trying to juggle a full time job along with speaking to suppliers 8 hours ahead or behind UK time, you may end up with no sleep. A wedding planner will not only manage your timings and details for you, but he or she will be able to negotiate some special rates on your behalf which may end up saving you quite a bit of money in the long term. Click here to contact our destination wedding specialists.

7. Smaller Guest List
One of the great things about having a destination wedding is that only the people who genuinely care and want to be at your wedding will be there. This means your guest list will automatically reduce in numbers and hence your overall cost may go down, especially if you’re paying per head.

8. Build It Into Your Honeymoon
If you’re already away from home for your wedding then you can travel somewhere nearby for your honeymoon and potentially save a lot of money on flights. Depending on where in the world you are exactly, it could even add up to a few thousands pounds, if not more.

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