How To Choose Your Ideal Wedding Garland

The tradition of Varmala, a beautiful garland of flowers exchanged between the couple, dates back to ancient times. The garland symbolises the new journey the bride and groom are about to embark on together and signifies happiness, aspiration and beauty. So picking the perfect wedding garland is essential, and often overlooked by many couples as an after thought. Picking the right flowers and design can be tricky but we’ve selected a few of our favourites to help you plan ahead and choose the perfect garland.

1. All rose

wedding garland

Whether your wedding is during the winter season or the summer months, an all rose garland will be easy to source all year round. From white roses, pinks or reds make sure the shade you choose works with your gorgeous outfit.

2. Classic white

wedding garland

If you’re unsure on which colours you should use for your garland, a classic all white is the one for you. Choose from a range of flowers, orchids, roses or lilies, this garland will blend in beautifully no matter your style and theme.

3. Traditional

wedding garland

If you’re looking for something more traditional go for a mixture of reds and whites or orange and yellow marigolds. Like roses, marigolds are available all year round.

4. Pearls

rose garland

Be creative by incorporating pearls, beads or crystal with your chosen flower. By adding these extras will make your garland stand out and be different.

5. The bold and beautiful

rose garland

There are no rules when it comes to colours, so dare to be bold. If you’ve decided on untraditional colours for your bridal outfit then do the same with your garland. Purples, magentas or blues are all beautiful colours but just remember to be in keeping with your theme.

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