9 Things Your Guests Are Most Likely To Complain About At Your Wedding

planning a weddingAs much as your wedding is about you and your partner, it is also very much about your guests. Your number one priority should be to ensure your guests have a fabulous time from start to finish in a bid to thank them for all their love and support during your wedding celebrations.

We understand it’s hard to please everyone – especially if you’re having a big indian wedding – but there are certain details we ALWAYS advise our guests against in a bid to  avoid the wrath of unforgiving guests. With that in mind, here are the most common mistakes almost every couple is likely to make, and almost every guest is likely to hate.

Inconvenient date and conditions
When you set the date of your wedding it’s so important to think about what else may be happening around the time. Most guests may not be so forgiving if you ask them to forfeit Christmas or the World Cup. Hosting your celebrations during the holiday season may interfere with traditions your guests do not want to break, or worse still if there’s a major sporting event on the same date you, will find guests constantly sneaking off to the bar to find the nearest television. Speak with your closest loved ones before setting a date to check their dairies to avoid any disappointments and send out your save the dates with plenty of time.

Your guests’ comfort should also be high on your priority list. If you’re having an outdoor wedding in a hot location make sure there is plenty of shade to avoid guests getting a sunburn, or if you choose an indoor ceremony, make sure there is not an overactive heater or broken AC unit.

Disorganised chaos
We’ve all attended those weddings where the one-hour drinks reception turns into two hours plus, meaning dinner wasn’t served until 10pm. This generally happens because the bride and groom (or their immediate family) did not take out the time to finalise timings and plan logistics. Guests hate waiting around so make sure you consider the flow of the day as a priority. A wedding planner can help you with these details and be on hand during the day to ensure everything runs on time by the minute. Click here to find out how hiring a wedding planner will eliminate this problem.

Guests paying for their own drinks
Most of your guests will understand that not everyone will be able to have an open bar with no restrictions. But with that in mind, try and limit your guests from having to take out their wallets. Supplying the welcome drink, the toast drink and soft drinks should never be over looked. Unlimited selections of wines and beer is also seen as a considerate compromise, even if it’s only for the first couple of hours during the reception, your guests will love you for it.

Undesirable seating arrangements
No one wants to be on the table that is right next to the kitchen door, toilets or next to the DJ’s loud speakers. Try and also avoid placing people in areas where they can’t hear the speeches or see the entertainment. When finalising your seating and floor plans, work with your wedding planner (who will have years worth of experience working in different venues with different layouts) to get it right ensuring every guest has the best seat in the house.

Long speeches, entertainment and being forced to participate
You and your guests will have had a long day, and by the end of the night all anyone really wants to do is dance the night away. No one wants to sit through long speeches and several types of entertainment. This will only bore your guests if you do not get the balance right. Keep speeches at a maximum of 3 people (traditionally this will be the father of the bride, groom and the best man) with a 5-minute limit for each individual. When it comes to entertainment keep it simple and limit it to just the one act.

If you’ve opted for a MC, ensure they have previous experience in performing and working a crowd. Make sure they do not bully your guests to participate unwillingly. Your guests will only hate that one person who stops the flow of the event just to make sure everyone is on dance floor doing as they say.

Bad catering
Not choosing a well thought-out menu and a professional catering team will mean this; your guests will go hungry, complain and will not be best pleased. You want to make sure no one will make a trip to the fast food restaurant on his or her way home or receives poor service. Make sure you hire a catering company with both delicious food and exceptional guest service.

Inexperienced DJ & bad music
In line with your catering, your DJ can make or break your celebrations. Make sure you choose an experienced DJ who has good equipment and mixes songs well. Arrange an appointment with your DJ a couple of weeks before your big day to go through your playlist. It will be important that your DJ listens to these requests. Bad music during your reception will lead to guests leaving the dance floor. Dancing with family and friends is what everyone looks forward to by the end of the night so they can show off their own moves.

Spending more money on unnecessary items over your guests having a good time
Unless you have the budget to go all out, devoting your budget to unnecessary items over enjoyable music and tasty food and other essentials will leave your guests disappointed. The success of your wedding day will be down to the organisation, DJ and the food rather than the 10ft flower wall which will be easily forgotten.

Ungracious hosts
Don’t forget that your guests have made a lot of effort to be a part of your wedding celebrations, so make sure you’re gracious hosts. Do not dismiss anyone during the wedding day and take the time out to go around the room, table by table, to meet and thank each and every person. It doesn’t have to take long but a personal hello will make your guests feel appreciated. Go the extra mile and remember to send out thank you cards a couple of weeks after the celebrations.


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