Alternative Indian Wedding Breakfast Ideas

If you’re having a traditional Indian wedding ceremony followed with an evening reception then chances are your day will be starting fairly early. If this is the case, and your guests are expected to arrive early (before 11am) then it’s nice to welcome them with a wedding breakfast. While there are always a few common choices that often prove to be popular when it comes to food, sometimes it’s nice to be a little unconventional in your approach and surprise your guests from the offset.

1. The traditional Gujarati mix

wedding breakfast

Gathiya and jalebi served with a side of pickled chillies and fresh sambharo (spicy cabbage and carrot stir fry) is always a favourite, but often fairly common – so try and make it different with your presentation. You can also opt for other classics but give them a slight twist. You could choose mini bhakri’s with a spicy curry on top or mini rolled up theplas filled with a sweet and sour pickle, held together with a cocktail stick. Bateta poha and patra can all work equally well if presented the right way.

2. South Indian favourites

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South Indian food isn’t always typically served for breakfast at weddings in the UK, which is quite surprising considering the food is so light and tasty. Mini uttapams with fillings of your choice, mini rolled up masala dhosas, or even mini medu vada would all taste delicious dipped in a spicy coconut chutney or soaked in some sweet and sour dhal. If you’re one for being healthy then go with a classic idli – and there’s no way you can go wrong.

3. North Indian delights

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Parathas are loved by pretty much everyone. They can be served plain or filled with aloo, gobi or paneer and served with lashings of butter. Pair up with any sabzi of your choice or go for the much loved chole bhature. The simplicity of these dishes however means your focus must be on the presentation. Think minatures, colours and neat and tidy.

4. Continental highlights

wedding breakfast ideas

Pancakes, pastries and peanut butter is what this breakfast is all about. Those with a sweet tooth will love it. Keep a selection of syrups and toppings on the side; maple, golden, toffee, nutella, chocolate and so on (you get our drift). Bear in mind not everyone wants to over indulge in sugar first thing in the morning, so opt for some classic croissants, breads or fruits to keep them satisfied.

5. British classics

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Sometimes when it comes to food, it’s best to go with what you know. Though Indian weddings typically mean Indian food, this doesn’t always have to be the case. Put on a spread of different breads so your guests can enjoy some simple toast topped with butter, marmalade or jam. You could even opt for a cereal station to really stand out or pick your favourite fry up sides if you want something hot.

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