How To Cater For Vegan Wedding Guests

It’s likely that you will either personally know of, or have a friend or family member who knows someone who has adopted a vegan diet. The rise of so many dairy-free product lines within the major supermarket chains and the introduction of vegan options at popular high street restaurants, shows that this is a food trend that is here to stay. Therefore, here is a handy guide on how to cater to vegan guests on your wedding day.

1. Ask your guests
When you send out your invitations make it clear that you are happy to adhere to any dietary restrictions for your guests. You can either pop this on your RSVP card, or if you’re not sending one out, then add it under the RSVP details. Your guests will be more likely to let you know of any restrictions if you ask for them.

2. Have a diverse menu
When choosing your menu it’s always important to go for diverse tastes so you can appeal to all palates. For example, don’t ask your caterer to make everything spicy or opt for all your curries to be in a tomato-based sauce. You need diversity. Similarly, ensure there are dairy-free and gluten-free items on your menu.

3. Make a clear seating plan
Not only does a seating plans ensure your guests take their seats quickly, but it also ensures your suppliers, specifically your caterer, knows where key guests are seated. If it seems overwhelming then don’t worry, as your wedding planner will run through how to put your seating plan together. You need to make sure that the plan also highlights any dietary requests.

4. Label food
A professional caterer will already be in the habit of labelling all items on the menu. This makes it easier for guests to see what they can and cannot eat. You have to remember that not every guest will bring their dietary restrictions to your attention, and will simply want to pick and choose what they can eat from the menu. Whether someone has a nut allergy or is gluten-free or vegan, they should be able to see what they can and cannot have.

5. Don’t be ignorant
The worst thing you can possibly do is put your nose up at guests who have a dietary restriction. Have you ever thought about having a vegan-only cake or dairy-free yogurt served on your papdi chaat for all your guests? The truth is, a lot of vegan alternatives actually taste very similar to non-vegan alternatives, but people just have a negative perception of them. Choose dishes that will be okay for the majority of your guests if you can rather than opting for individual options which will make guests feel like they’ve been singled out.

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