Everything You Need To Know About Having An Unplugged Wedding

unplugged wedding
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While some brides and grooms introduce their very own personal #hashtag and request guests to share pictures from the day via an app, in contrast there are other couples who much prefer the idea of an unplugged wedding (yes it’s an actual thing and yes it is quite popular). Not sure what we’re talking about? Please read on…

What is an unplugged wedding?
An unplugged wedding is one without any technology whatsoever (i.e phones, iPads etc). While some people may want their whole day to be unplugged, others may request for only part of the day to be camera free.

Why should couples opt for an unplugged wedding?
There are three main reasons why couples decide to opt for an unplugged wedding:

1. They don’t want everyone to crowd the photographer and get in between shots, which will ends up running their official photos.

2. They don’t want anyone to see shots of themselves before the professional photos are released.

3. They want their guests to enjoy and listen to the ceremony.

How do you let your guests know that you’re having an unplugged wedding?
There are a few ways you can let your guests know that you don’t want them to be distracted by their gadgets. Of course you need to remember to be polite about it so you don’t offend anyone.

1. Have some signage dotted around outside your ceremony room so your guests can are pre warned. Your signage can be digitally printed or you can make use of a chalk board if you’re going  for that rustic vibe.

2. Make your guests aware you’re having an unplugged wedding by informing them in the invite. You can get creative and come up with a fun and quirky poem or simply use an icon they will recognise.

3. If you have some sort of order of the day stationery or a ceremony booklet, then be sure to list it in here.

4. If you’re having an Indian ceremony then ask your priest to make an announcement prior to commencing.

What if you tell your guests you’re having an unplugged wedding but they still take out their gadgets?
The best thing to do is to assign a contact person who can keep a look out for anyone who starts taking snaps on their phone. We’re not saying they need to be rude, but they need to politely remind the guest in question that the bride and groom have requested for everyone to put their gadgets away. If you have a wedding planner then this will be easier to manage as he or she will already have this covered.

How do you ensure your guests still get some good pictures of their own on the night?
Let’s face it everyone gets dressed up at a wedding, so they’re going to want some good pictures to flaunt on their social media feeds for later. The best way to get around this is to:

1. Get your photographer to take some guest shots throughout the night and then mail these out to everyone as soon as you can (you’ll need to talk to your photographer beforehand, but one week seems to be a good time frame).

2. Provide your guests with a Polaroid camera – perhaps one per table if you’re unplugged rule runs right through to the reception. This way, they can get some great snaps of themselves and have some fun during the day without compromising the professional shots or posting pictures of the bride or groom on social media.

Is an unplugged wedding a good idea for everyone?
You need to think about the type of people you are inviting to your wedding and also how they will feel about an unplugged wedding. Though most people are happy to abide by any guidelines the bride and groom have set out, they also want to have a good time themselves. If you think having an unplugged wedding will result in you dealing with unhappy guests – then it’s best to avoid it.

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