How To Create The Million Dollar Wedding Look

Most brides have been dreaming about their wedding day since they were little girls. The dress, the cake, the flowers and most importantly, the man in question are all things that have probably popped up in their minds on more than one occasion. As the day gets closer though, it can be nerve wracking to even think about the possibility of making the wrong decisions, which is why when we’re styling a wedding, we’ll often present our couples with mood and style boards so they have a clear indication of how things are going to look.

Opulence, elegance and never-before-seen décor is often on the list and rightly so.  The bride is going to look a million dollars in her gorgeous outfit, so it’s only fitting that the surroundings do her justice. Whether you’re deciding on the mandap, centrepieces or chairs, be selective. Tell your décor company exactly what look you’re going for and don’t be pressured into hiring something simply because it’s cheaper, or (according to the company) more popular.

To help you along with your decision-making process, we’ve put together a few styling tips to ensure your fairytale moment becomes a reality. Here’s presenting our top 5:

1. Mandap

decorations for wedding

Believe it or not, there aren’t a lot of rules when it comes to the mandap so don’t be tricked into thinking you have to have what everyone else has had before. You’ve probably seen a similar style of mandap at most of the weddings you’ve attended and think your choice is limited, right? WRONG! Be creative and speak to your décor company about customising your mandap especially for you. You can choose different fabrics, textures, flowers or frames to create something that’s never been seen before. You’ll find some more inspiration in our How To Style Your Wedding Mandap post.

2.  Lighting

wedding decoration

Lighting is often overlooked but should be your central focus when it comes to styling, because it can create a truly magical atmosphere. When we’re talking about lighting, we don’t just mean up-lighters. Add a little something extra by using lanterns, candles or  fairy lights to create a romantic setting.

3. Floral animals

wedding looks

If you go for one of these it will definitely be the talk of the day.  These floral animals will pop up all over your Instagram and Facebook feeds because let’s be honest, they make the perfect selfie companion. Don’t go crazy and add a collection of different animals (that can look a little zoo-like and let’s not even get into the cost), but go for a one-off sculpture that suits your décor and will make a beautiful statement. This cute little elephant is one of our favourites.

4. Ghost Furniture

wedding decoration ideas
We have never really been big fans of the usual chair covers and sashes (because they can look so very wrong if done incorrectly) so, when clients come to us for advice, we say go for either chiavari or ghost chairs. If you really want to impress your guests then ghost chiavari chairs are the best! The ghost theme is very underrated but works so nicely with any setting because it will make your room feel spacious and airy, allowing any florals and decorative pieces to come to the forefront.

5. Cutlery, crockery, glassware and linen

decorations for wedding

This may be the last thing you think about – in fact you may not have thought about it all. But gorgeous plates, glasses, spoons and so on, can make a huge difference to the overall impression of your big day. Patterned dinnerware and coloured or textured linen work beautifully with simple floral arrangements. Remember the saying less is more? Sure, it may cost you a little more to hire out, but when you take away the cost of over the top centrepieces, it will even out the budget. This way, your table actually does look royally divine.

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