Wedding Party: How To Keep The Kids Entertained

wedding partyIt’s hard enough handling adults at a wedding, but children are a whole other story. While some couples may be thinking about having an adults-only celebration (which is totally fine by the way), this is really not an option for those couples who have lots of youngsters within their immediate family. Sometimes you don’t really want to be upsetting friends or family members by telling them they can’t bring along their little angel (never insult their child no matter how naughty he or she may be). But, don’t worry because there are many ways to ensure you can have your cake and eat it too, or in other words, make sure the kids come along but don’t cause chaos during you event.

1. Seat them separately
If you’ve got quite a few children invited you could have them all seated together on one table (with adult supervision of course) and have a few basic activities for them to do; jigsaw puzzles, crayons or even quizzes would all work well. Try and seat them in the corner so they can’t be heard across the whole room. This way, not only do they get to enjoy themselves at the reception, they won’t be disturbing the other guests.

2. Games room
If you’re lucky enough to have a venue which has access to multiple rooms then you could set up a separate themed room for the children. Dig out some old-school favourite board games like Monopoly, Operation, Jenga to name a few and just leave them to it. They’ll be occupied for hours.

3. Hire an entertainer
If you do have a separate space and budget permits, then think about hiring a separate entertainer for the kids. You could have anything from a clown to a magician to an arts and crafts expert. The kids will end up having such a blast that they probably won’t want to leave.

4. Movie room
Grab a DVD player and a portable television and stick on a classic film for the youngsters to enjoy – you may find a few adults sneaking into the room too depending on your film choice. Lay out some comfy cushions, beanbags and some boxes of popcorn and you’ve just created the cosiest cinema ever.

5. Go tech
You will have hired a videographer on the night to capture those magical moments, so why not request them to bring along an extra person so you can get the kids involved in a fun project? They could script their own mini movie, do a choreographed dance routine or recite messages for the bride and groom. It’ll keep them busy for a few hours and then at the end of the night, hook it up to a screen and play it for all your guests.



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