How To Pick The Right Wedding Cake

Cutting the wedding cake is one of the first symbolic things you will do together as a couple. But how do you pick the perfect one? Just remember, you don’t have to go along with any traditional ‘rules’ here, so here’s a mix of some old and new ideas to inspire you to think about what you truly want.

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While your cake does need to look good it also needs to be delicious. It’s hard to please everyone but ultimately, a good cake is a good cake. On trend heavenly flavours like chocolate brownie and salted caramel are sure to get you a few minutes of blissful quiet with your new partner, whilst the guests dig in and savour every mouthful. It can also be a sweet idea for you to opt for a flavour that combines both of your favourites. Think outside the box and be sure to taste away, after all, it’s the small details that you’ll truly cherish – just be sure to consider any dietary requirements.

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In a similar vein, what other cake components are make or break for you? Moist, fluffy and soft sponge or the traditional juicy, rich fruitcake? Thicker, indulgent fondant or silky smooth buttercream? Of course, design may impact your choice here, but if you can’t stand something, don’t have it in your cake for the sake of convention. Some people are avoiding this entirely with naked or semi-naked cakes now so don’t feel afraid of standing out.

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Seamless coordination between your theme and cake will also help give your event a polished look. Spark inspiration by bringing in your invitations, fabric samples, jewellery or even an element from your venue. A simple but well-done monogram can look amazing as do sugar paste flowers and fresh fruit with decadent lashings of cream.

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Don’t be afraid of colour too; from your favourite shade to new daring trends, you might find a delightful combination. Pantone’s predictions for 2017 feature plenty of muted and earthy tones like Kale and pops of primary colours like Lapis Blue and Flame. Pay tribute to nature in spring with Hazelnut and Pale Dogwood or opt for Primrose Yellow and Island Paradise for a fun and cheerful beach wedding.

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Want something new? Well, metallic cakes are all the rage at the moment. Rose gold and copper are enchantingly beautiful colours and a good alternative to simple golds and silvers. They can also be incorporated well into rustic and natural schemes as well as those with a more modern twist. You can also experiment with contemporary and grander styles such as the marble cake. Or, how about a strawberry tower filled with a frenzy of different colours, textures and taste for the more eccentric. For more ideas on alternative cake ideas click here.

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