How To Stay On The Good Side of Your Bride-To-Be

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planning a weddingWhen it comes to wedding planning there is one thing you need to keep in mind and that is how to keep your bride happy! You see, it’s all about picking your battles wisely. On top of her busy full time work schedule and growing family and friend commitments, she has now inherited a new part time job of organising the perfect wedding that she’s always dreamed of having. So for you to survive this year in your relationship it’s important to know when to help and when to take a step back. More often then not, all grooms will face the wrath of their partner at some point and it’s easy to get confused when she’s talking all things weddings, which naturally leads to losing perspective and getting into debates and fights that make no sense at all. “Why are we arguing about a wedding cake that is made out of flour and egg?” we hear you say. It sounds ridiculous when you put it like that – right?

So, to help you through this time we’ve laid down some ground rules about what YOU need to do as the Groom; what you should ALWAYS leave to her and how you can earn some extra brownie points when she’s super-stressed.


Guest list, date and venue
Once you have announced your engagement the first three things you will need to organise are your guest list, date and venue. Make sure you work with your bride to get these details finalised. Attend all venue visits and ask the right questions. To help you choose the right venue click here for some useful tips.

The Groomsmen
Think about who you would like to be your best man, whether it’s your best friend from school or your younger brother, give them plenty of notice and prepare them for the job in hand.

The vows and speech
When you’re writing your vows, as well as your speech, remember to keep it simple and honest, especially if you are not a fan of public speaking.

Your attire
Choosing the right suit should be just as important for you as it is for your bride. She wants you to look your best so invest some time in searching for the perfect tailored suit. Not just for yourself but also your best man, work with your bride as she’ll have her own thoughts on coordinating with her bridesmaids. For some top tips click here.

Book the honeymoon
Traditionally the groom will lead on this task, and it’s the fun part! The world is your oyster, so whether you and your partner are looking for an adventure or something a little more relaxed by the beach, just makes sure you book in advance.


Her dress
Do not even think about giving your opinion when it comes to the dress. Your bride will already know the style and design that she wants for the big day so all you need to do is wait to see her look amazing as she walks down the aisle.

The cake
By all means go for the cake tasting (everyone loves cake) but let her decide on the final design as she’ll want it to coordinate with everything else she has planned. You really can have your cake and eat it too.

The decor
A four-pillar or six-pillar mandap? A carved mandap or a draped one? Calla lilies or roses? There really is so much to consider and you are probably thinking this means nothing to you and that everything seems to look the same? But for her ever decision, even the smallest ones, will be important so stand back on this one. If you do have an opinion on any of this be sure to coordinate it with everything else that will be going on.

Extra brownie points
For when your partner is super-stressed, it will be the little things you do for her that will mean the world and keep you on her good side.

Practice the first dance
You may not be Michael Jackson on the dance floor and if you’re nervous about this part of the wedding then practice will make perfect. Make sure you own the dance floor – she’ll love you for it.

Ditch the sarcastic comments because believe us when we say they will not be appreciated. Take interest in listening to her about the table centres or design for the favours, even if you don’t find any of this really exciting. Remember, even if it all seems trivial to you, she’s doing all the hard work to make everything perfect.

Be the voice of reason
Not only will your bride be dealing with all her family ideas for the wedding she’ll have to hear all your family thoughts too. Be a buffer and stand by her side if she’s stuck in the middle. So if your mother or aunty is being unbearably overactive and bossy, then make sure your bride knows you are backing her corner and will sort the situation out.



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