#Howzat? – Create Your Own Cricket-Inspired Wedding Theme

If there’s one sport that us South Asians are passionate about – it’s cricket! As enthusiasts of the game ourselves, and the fact that we’re bang in the middle of the T20 World Cup, we thought now would be the perfect time to show you how you can incorporate this nail biting game into your wedding day, by giving it a chic and elegant twist.

We’ve collated some of our favourite images from Pinterest on this mood board to show you how just a few simple hints and touches can really bring your theme to life.

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COLOURS: Our colour inspiration for this theme comes from the traditional British version of the game. So think Test cricket during British summertime with plenty of vibrant greens, ivories and pops of yellow to keep things looking fresh and summery.

STATIONERY: This can include everything from place cards and seating plans to favours and guestbooks. We love the idea of having a traditional chalk board-inspired seating plan which reflects the point scoring system in the game. Or how about a simple cricket bat for your guests to sign as your guestbook, which can be placed anywhere within your home as a showpiece? Don’t forget to get creative with table names; go with famous cricketers, grounds or even pick your favourite international teams.

FOOD & BEVERAGE: This is where you can really bring this theme together.  Use some afternoon tea elements to continue with your British theme or even give them a slight Indian twist; Bombay finger sandwiches or savoury pastries served with chilli jam would work well as canapés. Perhaps get your waiters to wear crisp white shirts or waistcoats and if you want to go one step further, get them to wear some personalised cricket caps. Keep your drinks simple and fresh-looking with fruity and zesty flavours. Serve in jam jars, or rustic glass bottles for greatest effect.

ENTERTAINMENT: Try and avoid having huge flashing lights or plasma screens near the dance floor as this takes away from the rustic, calm vibe you’re going for. Instead opt for a few spotlights dotted around the room (the ones that look similar to those on the cricket pitch). If you’re having a live band place them on a nice white stage or if you’re going with a DJ, perhaps have him or her hidden away slightly so they’re not the focal point.

If weather permits, you can even enjoy an actual game of cricket outside with your guests in between the ceremony and reception. It’ll make for some great photos!

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