How To Pack Your Wedding Ceremony Items

As wedding planners our job is to take care of every tiny aspect of your wedding day. Sure, we oversee floorplans, timings and supplier documentation, but things don’t stop there. We also advise brides and grooms on things like ceremony participation, music playlists, photo lists and outline how to efficiently pack their ceremony items, to ensure the day runs smoothly. You might be thinking; what has packing my items got to do with wedding planning? But trust us when we say you can never be too prepared. If you’re having an Indian ceremony, then please continue reading below.

1. Go by the sheet
It’s essential that you have a meeting with your priest prior to the big day not only about your ceremony timings, but about the items that’ll be needed on the day. Ask him to print off a list or email you a copy. At Carriages, we provide all of our brides and grooms with a confirmation pack outlining such details so that they know exactly what is need on the day and are fully prepared.

2. Stick to a chronological order
Pack things in the order they are going to be required. For example, don’t pack something you’re going to need in the morning with the evening. Use separate boxes if you have to as they often help clarify what needs to be used when. The more organised you are beforehand, the quicker things will be set up on the day.

3. Label your boxes clearly
You are not going to be near the Mandap when everything starts to get unpacked so it’s important that you label things clearly for whoever is doing this job. This could be your priest, a family member or your wedding planner. At Carriages we provide all of our couples with ready-made delivery labels that they simply need to print, fill in and stick. This not only acts as a checklist for them, but is also a big help for whoever is doing the unpacking.

4. Use suitable boxes
This might sound like an obvious point but be sure to get durable boxes that your items fit into properly. You need to ensure that your items can be packed back into these boxes once the ceremony is over. This means avoiding the use of cardboard boxes, held together together with sticky tape as they won’t be handy at the end of the day.

5. Store in a suitable place
Think carefully about what you have in your boxes and where you’re storing them. For example, if you’ve got a tub of ghee, then you want to ensure that you’re not storing this anywhere near a radiator or else the ghee will melt and soak through into other items. Not ideal I’m sure you can imagine.

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