Wedding Hashtag Etiquette You Need To Follow

wedding hashtagsWarning: If you believe all mobile phones should be hidden away during wedding celebrations and turned on silent mode then this post is NOT for you.

If however, you aren’t afraid to embrace social media and technology (which let’s face it, in the digital world we live in today, is not such a bad idea) then you should definitely be thinking about personalising your wedding with a unique hashtag. Why? Because it’s totally on trend!

During Shahid Kapoor’s wedding to Mira Rajput there was a different hashtag trending on Twitter for each occasion, whereas celebrities attending Salman Khan’s sister Arpita’s celebrations were going crazy with their hashtags on Instagram.

According to a (2014) survey conducted by and Mashable, more than 55 per cent of couples used a personalised hashtag for their wedding, while figures described by other high-end wedding planners happen to suggest much higher figures.

For those of you unsure of how a wedding hashtag works, here’s a quick breakdown: The idea is that whenever someone uploads a picture from your wedding (on Instagram for example), they will use your unique hashtag – let’s use #RajWedsSimran in this instance. Whenever you click on this hashtag every single picture uploaded with this hashtag will automatically load and it’s a great way for everyone to share their memories across a single platform.

However, there are a few hashtag rules you will probably need to follow:

Make sure your hashtag is unique. Do a quick search before hand to see if anyone else has used the same one as you as if this is the case, their pictures will also load every time someone clicks on your hashtag and this is something you want to avoid. If #RajWedsSimran is taken then try #RajSimranKiShaadi and so on..

Don’t go overboard
However, in a bid to be original and come up with something unique, don’t go overboard. Try and avoid any puns as they tend not to go down too well and could actually end up becoming a lifetime joke.

Publicise your hashtag
To ensure there aren’t multiple hashtags floating around related to your big day, make your guests aware of your hashtag in a subtle way. The best way is to upload a picture of yourself with your chosen hashtag ahead of the day (because you’re not going to have time during the wedding of course) – hopefully the majority of your invitees should be following you and get the message.

Don’t pressure your guests
Please bear in mind that not all of your guests will be social media savvy and some may choose not to hashtag. This is ok. Don’t irritate them by plastering your hashtag all over your event on napkins and stationery and practically everywhere else.

Take the good with the bad
Understand that if you are going to have a hashtag then you have no control over what people are posting. While the majority of your pictures will be amazing and will be a mix of pictures of you and your guests, every now and again the odd image you don’t approve of will appear. You need to be prepared for this and remember that once something is on the internet – it’s there to stay!

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